Alexander Vucic and I

Alexander Vucic, the president-elect of Serbia. I was recently in Serbia for 3 weeks, with anti-Vucic protests ongoing, and heard a lot of pretty negative things said about him – here just a selection –

I had my own questions for the man Prime Minister of Serbia since 2014, Minister of Information under Milosevic even. And I obtained the correct contact to message him, ask for an interview, which I did –

Screenshot (1877).png

However, there was no response. 

I’ll try again next time in Serbia, which I hope will be soon, as I love reporting from there. Meanwhile I can say there, that the country may have its own issues, and Vucic indeed part of this, but I did feel free there to report what I wanted. While Vucic may not have accepted my request for interview, there was no attempt to stop, or restrict my work either.

And that covers that!

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