A Graham Newsletter #29 – Serbia, Back in Donbass, and More

I’ve written a lot here on the Truth Speaker about my recent, fascinating trip to Serbia. I’ve not even released most of the reportage filmed there, as it was a documentary project about NATO’s campaign there in 1999.

However, I’m working on that now, with journalists Katerina and Dmitry Lane, and looking forward to releasing it soon. This will be the first documentary series of its kind looking at what is still a ‘war’ about which so many details are still unknown to a western audience.

It’s a very exciting project, with the potential to really bring a lot of new information to the world, and re-evalaute how that entire situation is viewed. And the way that the NATO 1999 situation is generally perceived, has sadly perpetuated many such situations since…

Speaking of conflict, and war, but not only that…

I’ve been back in Donbass for around 3 weeks now, and it’s been a hugely eventful time, have a look over that here –


In my reportage in Donbass, I always aim to show the real, and full picture. That means going to places like the DPR frontier village of Kominternovo, to capture Ukrainian shelling as it hit –

It also means covering events like this, a youth football tournament in Donetsk – 

This school graduation in Lugansk – 

And it means covering everything exactly as it is, showing you the facts, as they are. 

And when there’s fake news, which there often is, taking issue with that –


It’s really great to be back in Donbass, I’m really in the mood to do a lot here, at this hugely important time. So, be sure you are following me for updates from the ground, be sure I’m always very happy to hear from you, and always so grateful for your support – that’s what makes everything possible! 

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