More Western Fake Tank News

The phrase ‘fake news’ is one, but so much in the genre has been done on tanks in Donbass, it really deserves its own category, as per the above – and here below –

So it was, the other day I went to the frontier village of Kominternovo, the edge of DPR territory, near Ukrainian forces. And there, I filmed a lot of reportage, including Ukrainian forces shelling a civilian area. Yet, all this western journalist could focus on was the tank I’d been photographed by, and how that ‘unwittingly documented a DPR Minsk violation’. 

The fact is that this is, or was, a Ukrainain tank destroyed in fighting in 2015. Something MacDonald, editor of the Kyiv Post no less, could have easily ascertained by writing to me. I’d even written about that myself in a subsequent post. 

But, he didn’t do that, went ahead, and published fake news. Why he did that, why anyone does that, I can’t exactly fathom. In being a journalist, surely you should want people to know more about the world, not less. In any case, I replied by sending these photos, clearly showing the tank in question.

This is far from the first time Euan has faked news, even tank news. But, this truly was a fake too far, and even he backed down –

Tanks a lot, indeed…

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