My New Film: The Final Story of a Young Journalist – Presentation in Lugansk

My new film, with Oleg Somov, as my first feature film, Aramis, is now ready, and the presentation will take place this Saturday, in Lugansk.

It’s a difficult film, and a personal one. But also a challenge, to make something personal into something which has resonance to a wide audience. It’s the story of a young journalist I knew in Lugansk, Irina Gurtyak, who was tragically killed  in a car crash in January of 2016. 

Ira wanted to be a journalist more than anything. To have her young life so full of potential, of dedication to her profession, taken away so cruelly was something I struggled to accept for some time. And then, the decision to make a film about her, and the challenge to make what she wanted come true – that her work would be noticed, that her voice would be heard, that her story would make a difference.

I’ve been hugely grateful for the support of Ira’s family in making this film. And not only, over 10,000 km travelled to make it, over 50 interviews filmed, 8 months of work, it’s been a huge project.

Now, the presentation of the film will take place in Lugansk, this Saturday at 15:00, at the Rus cinema. Entrance is free, all are welcome. 

There will only be one presentation, this is a film about a young lady who I’d only just met, but who gave me a huge amount of inspiration, and her life, her hometown, Lugansk, war in Lugansk, and tragedy. It’s a hard film, but one I put my heart, and soul into, to make Ira’s final story the one she deserved, one to be true to her, to make a difference to the world.

The film will then be released on my YouTube channel, and I’ll be adding English subtitles.

Trailer here –

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