British Army Helping Ukraine Kill Civilians in Donbass

Everyone who follows the situation in Ukraine objectively knows exactly what’s happening. Ukrainian forces, comprised of radicals, and extremists, are shelling civilian areas of Donbass, causing mass civilian death, because Donbass didn’t accept the illegitimate regime imposed on Ukraine after Euromaidan

I cover that as a journalist, and I speak here as a proud Briton. What a shock to see our country not only support this, but trumpet it – 



In the first case, I feel for the civilians of Donbass who are still under daily shelling by Ukrainian forces – trained by British. In the second, I feel for my countrymen, normal British soldiers, forced to take part in something that will bring them shame for the rest of their lives.

A disgrace for our armed forces, a disgrace for our country.

13 thoughts on “British Army Helping Ukraine Kill Civilians in Donbass”

  1. <because Donbass didn’t accept the illegitimate regime.
    Which regime do you find legitimate? The one, representatives of which beat women and children for expressing their opinion? Or the one, which hires snipers to kill 18 year old protestants? Or the one, which builds palace for citizens' money?
    Oh, really?
    < I cover that as a journalist
    A very strong argument. I cover that as Ukrainian citizen: you are telling bullshit.


    1. Dear “einewanderung”, I sympathise with your living under a fascist regime that kills its dissdents. But sometimes one gets a more accurate view from a sufficient distance. Especially when we have seen huge numbers of online videos and analyses which make abundantly clear which are the truths and which are the lies. We hear and read all the lies in our own bbc etc media over here so we do get to evaluate the evidence in terms of both sides of the story.


      1. do you think you get more accurate view sitting on a sofa and watching videos hundred miles away than my family and friends who are fighting in Donbass against Russian occupants?


      2. “do you think you get more accurate view sitting [actually at a desk, not on a sofa] on a sofa and watching videos hundred miles away than my family and friends who are fighting in Donbass against Russian occupants?”

        YES – I DO get a vastly more accurate view. Because you “fighting” in Donbass can only see the limited area around you, and only hear the voices of those you are in contact with. By contrast I here can study crucial evidence from all over the region and also outside (e.g. the Nuland tapes), and also be neutral in a way that is rather difficult when you are bound into a group of people who have heavy attitudes to the whole matter.

        A bit of a very good analogy is observing the Tour de France. You could actually go there, and then you would just see the cyclists whizzing past in a few seconds at just one location X. By contrast someone watching on TV sees the whole length and with the critical highlights (crashes, strategic maneuvers) highlighted.

        I have no reason to be on one side on other in this dispute precisely because I am about a thousand miles away from it and have never met anyone personally involved, and don’t own anything over there either. I have seen countless crucial facts, and absences of facts, from which it is very clear that you are not “fighting against Russian occupants”. You were at best fighting against the many people who rightly rejected the Nato-organised Maidan coup-d’état “revolution”. And in reality, especially now, it appears to be just sad neo-nazi deluded fanatics terrorising civilians over the front line from Avdiivka and the like. But you haven’t been there to talk to THOSE CIVILIAN VICTIMS have you?

        How much time have you spent in the DNR/LNR among the villagers being attacked by the UAF? Precisely none.


  2. Some little examples from many of how I am better informed. For instance I am aware that there were no witnesses of the huge vapour trail that would result from a BUK launch. Not a single phone camera catching that vapour trail – because no such BUK was launched. I SAW Bridget Kendal’s BBC report about the MH17, which was deleted by the BBC because it did not fit its fake news agenda. I saw the photos of the wreckage which were published IMMEDIATELY after the crash – and which prove beyond doubt that the plane’s pilots had been shot at by a plane (and only UAF had planes in Ukr at the time) and the BBC report confirmed people seeing that plane. I’ve also seen many videos which made clear that citizens in Mariupol, Odessa, etc, tried to peacefully reject the Kiev junta and were subject to violent oppression thereby.
    I could go on and on, I have seen many hundreds of such videos and careful analyses. The budget for creating a hoax movie with all this content would bankrupt the entire world many times over, let alone the matter of so many with such convincing “acting” skills.
    The evidence is CLEAR and IRREFUTABLE.


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