The Adventures of a British Freelance Photographer in Mariupol

British independent photographer Dean O’Brien recently visited Mariupol, Ukraine-occupied Donbass. Here’s some of highlights of his time there, in tweets, and Instagrams –

A fuel stop runs into a  few problems…

Dean speaks to people there – 

Finds signs of anti-Ukraine feeling there – 

Mariupol still shows signs of anti pro-Ukrainian feelings amongst the population

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Speaks with local NGOs –

And young people in, of Mariupol – 

Dean also documents in photos Mariupol as it is today –

Dean photographs a recruitment poster for the Ukrainian army on the Mariupol streets –

And with that, Dean was off, promising blog posts, and more to come! 

Terrorist Attacks Strike Lugansk Today – Full Details

At 15.30 today, in central Lugansk, Donbass, LPR by one of the main administrative buildings, an explosive device concealed in an urn on the street, outside a shop, went off. It killed a female member of the Lugansk People’s Republic forces, a medic, sitting on a bench on the popular central thoroughfare, and wounded 5, including civilians. Video here

At around 17:00, around 50 metres from the first explosion, another explosion went off, wounding a reported 2 civilians, and causing this damage to cars –

There has been a strong reaponse to this. Head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, issued a statement condemning the ‘terrorist attacks perpetrated near a popular recreation area for civilians of the LPR, and children’. He added that those responsible ‘would be found and punished’.

All large-scale events planned for tomorrow in Lugansk, many to mark the day of the family, have been cancelled.  The LPR advised citizens to stay indoors if possible, avoid congregating in groups, and report anything suspicious immediately.

More details to follow.