Breaking News: Ben Stimson: British Member of Donbass Militia, to Face Court in the UK, Plea of Guilty to One Charge

As many of you know, I’ve been actively involved in the case of Ben Stimson, the British man tried with terrorism charges for being a member of the people’s militia forces, in Donbass.

Last August, I made a documentary about Ben, from Oldham:

Today, a close contact of Ben’s, who has been helping him, Nicola Moore, wrote to me with an update on Ben’s situation. See here, Nicky’s post about visiting Ben in jail:
And to confirm that Ben knows Nicky, here:

I will show extracts of my messages with Nicky, with relevant information, and key points, in bold, and photos of Ben, for information purposes.

Hello Graham,

I have a message from Ben Stimson. He apologises for the way his email sounded in September, his head was up his bottom (see below) and he said he appreciates all you have done for him and your support. He said he will always have your back and he hopes to speak to you soon.

Great work by the way you’re very tenacious and dedicated. It’s nice to see someone beating the drum and showing ppl what’s happening in donetsk.


My ability to give Ben my full support had been compromised by Ben’s email of September, and, I felt disloyalty towards me, of which I’ve written here. 

However, after Nicky’s words, I forgave Ben, and asked after after him: 

He’s ok- especially considering he’s on a terrorist wing with neo Nazis and jihadist being a partly Jewish man this can’t be easy, he’s been denied education and just started to be allowed going to the gym. He’s been denied visits and letters even of his own mp. He also isn’t allowed to ring me as lm classed as a political extremist which is ridiculous.

His hearing is tomorrow morning – the court rejected his plea of innocent in February and so it’s been dropped to one charge- he’s admitting guilt and looking to be out in a few years. He wants to return as well.

I’m off to Strangeways now to see him and he’s in court tomorrow morning at 10.

Obviously the key point point here, Ben has pled guilty, and is set to face prison. It was the first I’d heard of this. I asked Nicky more about this

If he doesn’t there will be a full length trial – and if he’s found guilty he could get over 10 years

I will add that, in no small part due to the treatment of the UK authorities in relation to him, Ben is in a emotionally vulnerable position, and thus susceptible to pressure to plead guilty to something of which he is entirely innocent.

Ben is pleading to:

Article 5(a) of 2006 Terrorism act of engaging in acts of terrorism was dropped, but he plead guilty to 5(b) of facilitating terrorism
One of the charges was dropped
(It carries) Over ten years in prison – he has a top terrorism barrister who’s been coming up from London.

It’s a shocking situation, for many reasons. Ben was stitched up by the BBC, as I filmed here:

The fate of Ben, who never fired in anger, is in stark contrast to the fate of Chris Garrett, the British man who fought, and killed, for the neo-Nazi Azov battalion – 

In light of his words, Ben now has my full support. I will be paying close attention to developments tomorrow, and ready to give my full support to Ben, and to what seems set to be a total miscarriage of justice in the UK, and a deeply worrying precedent set.

If Ben is indeed found guilty and sentenced to a prison term, there must be an immediate campaign to free him, and right this manifest injustice.

7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Ben Stimson: British Member of Donbass Militia, to Face Court in the UK, Plea of Guilty to One Charge”

  1. This is a bloody disgrace. The British government are supporting neo Nazis and right wing killers because the exceptionalists in America tell them too. This country has lost all of its morals and its honour. The people in Donbas are fighting for their lives and their way of life and their right not to be governed by fascists. Shame on you May Johnson, Fallon and the rest of the corrupt bunch


  2. Ben has a lawyer no?

    it’s hard t believe that this is being ‘plea bargained’ to ‘only’ 10 yers …. after all what proof is there that he was involved in much more than a BBC news program? If the newsies told him to pick up a gun for their piece, surely to God they’d be honest enough to back him up on that?

    Does he have a lawyer?


  3. To think he’s going to jail for trying to help innocent people from mass murderers… really brings home the seriousness of the moral corruption in our Commonwealth.


  4. His guilty plea is very, very unfortunate. In the UK once you plead guilty then you are guilty even if you are not. Had this gone to trial it would be nice for his defense to raise a question how is what he did any different than what so many thugs from the UK have been doing in Syria. I am sure that point would have been raised in courts at all levels and would have to be addressed by the prosecution and the judiciary at all levels. Even if different it is definitely different in his favour as in Syria the UK supported thugs were trying to overthrow an established and recognised government as opposed to not recognising a coup. But with a guilty plea there is no realistic prospect of anything good in this case. With regard to “the court rejected his plea of innocent in February” – it is very strange and very hard to believe in I must say…. This case does not set any new precedent – he was not found guilty by the court, he pleaded guilty. It is long since set “precedent” that if you plead guilty you face the punishment regardless of whether you are guilty and regardless of how much evidence is (or rather is not) there.


  5. It is said to see someone who was framed by the BBC essentially plea to a lesser charge. What makes it worse is that the other party is not in the same predicament as Ben. Yet, the other Briton, Chis Garrett, is part of a neo Nazi unit that Ukraine is now trying to disable and disband. That unit is also responsible for war crimes and for also force recruiting people into the UAF and are despised by both sides of the conflict.


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