Rank Injustice, Hypocrisy in the UK – The Case of Ben Stimson and Chris Garrett

I’ve written, and made about this case extensively, and for some time. Now, with the imprisonment of Ben Stimson, and media exposure of that, it’s come to wider attention –




Interesting that here, the BBC didn’t mention one of the key reasons Ben was sent down, was the BBC’s framing of him – 

And in the BBC article, this quote –

Det Ch Supt Russ Jackson, head of the North West Counter-Terrorism Unit, said: “The images of him holding a rifle and wearing military clothing are deeply concerning.

“He has been jailed for the role he played in a violent conflict and I hope his conviction will send a message to all those who are even considering joining conflicts.”

‘Deeply concerning’. It’s interesting that no-one in UK authority finds Chris Garrett, from the Isle of Man, and his actions in the Ukraine conflict ‘deeply concerning’. Chris, joining a neo-Nazi battalion, and killing in its name, troubles no one in British officialdom. 

So, while Ben is now doing over 5 years in Strangeways prison, for, as even the police admit, effectively just posing with a weapon. Chris is over on Ukrainian territory, doing much more than posing with weapons. The fates of the 2 men contrast sharply –

It’s quite a staggering move by the UK. And here’s what it means – 

* The UK government views the Euromaidan-coup installed regime in Ukraine as so legitimate that it’s willing to take the extraordinary move of jailing a British man for effectively being an activist against it – taking no part in active conflict, as Ben did not.

* A man, in the case of Ben Stimson, effectively just posing with a gun – and actually Ben originally wanted to do humanitarian work in Donbass – is worse than a man, Chris Garrett (pictured), killing for a neo-Nazi battalion in Donbass.

* The BBC and the UK government can work in partnership to stitch up a British national, that can be exposed, and none of the British media will mention it.

It’s shocking hypocrisy, incredible injustice. And, I’m ashamed to admit, it’s the UK.