My Interview with Ukrainian Terrorist Vladimir Zhemchugov: My Statement

Because I see this video coming up, used ‘against me’ all the time, will give my statement on it here:

With terrorists, as here this Ukrainian terrorist Vladimir Zhemchugov, September 2016, you have to take a tough line. I’d do it exactly the same again. And I’d add to that, that despite a robust approach, I kept within reasonable boundaries here.

And that’s that. Graham

4 thoughts on “My Interview with Ukrainian Terrorist Vladimir Zhemchugov: My Statement”

  1. Dear Graham you are right but you are wrong. The thing is you have to not only be reasonable but also appear to be reasonable. It is very easy to perceive or portray this video as you being unkind to a pathetic wreck of a man.
    As I said at the time, thus it would come over badly for you and be indeed used “against you”.
    The interaction gains nothing. You don’t learn anything, they don’t, and we don’t. A more useful interaction might consist of presenting evidence of your knowledge. But that would not be a useful context, other than via handing information leaflets to the people there.


  2. I do not feel sorry at all for the wrecked terrorist. Though I see how some people – either too politically correct or too sensitive or those not in the possession of the full information – might view such behavior as not particularly appropriate. Also I do not think it achieves much – gives too much importance to that wreck of a terrorist who otherwise would probably feel unimportant. If anything it probably makes him feel better as even when wrecked he was a center of attention instead of just being forgotten.


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