Why is the UK Supporting Ukraine so Much? 3 Explanations…

1. Supporting Ukraine was the EU position at the start, and the UK just went along with it…. 
true, but then why recently has the UK been ramping up its support for Ukraine, as the EU is generally paying less attention? The EU leaders recently ‘holding peace talks‘, while the UK ups its military support for Ukraine. Why? 

2. A reason would seem to be the UK’s desire to demonstrate to the world that post-Brexit, they are ‘still a force’, not diminished in any way etc etc. This would seem to be the case, with Boris Johnson frequently repeating versions on the theme:

UK’s Johnson reassures Ukraine of support after Brexit vote

The UK are locked in tough Brexit talks with the EU just now, are they afraid that if they are perceived as being weak on Ukraine, it’ll impact on the Brexit negotiations? It’s a real shame the UK have chosen absolutely the wrong situation in which to overcompensate. 

3. Is there a deal in it for the UK? Has Ukraine promised something? More specifically, one of the UK government’s most favourite deals…. an arms deal.

Did you know that Britain is now the 2nd biggest arms dealer in the world, and it’ll sell arms to almost anyone…

“Since 2010 Britain has also sold arms to 39 of the 51 countries ranked “not free” on the Freedom House “Freedom in the world” report, and 22 of the 30 countries on the UK Government’s own human rights watch list.” (source)

“UK Government approved Saudi arms deals worth £238m six months after deadly Yemen funeral air strike”. (source)

That recent large-scale, glitzy UK / Ukraine Reform conference in LondonPoroshenko’s visit to the UK. Just what was promised to the UK government to get them to up their support of Ukraine so significantly?

The UK’s been talking up war between Ukraine, and its former territories, talking up their own supplying of military aid to Ukraine. Are they anging for an arms deal? Has someone in Ukraine told them they’ve got the money for this?

6 thoughts on “Why is the UK Supporting Ukraine so Much? 3 Explanations…”

    1. Gosh Graham, I thought I’d already explained the background to you. The arms trade rules the world. They win in every war. The more wars the merrier for them. Eisenhower’s warning of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). UK along with US are the biggest arms manufacturers. That’s what “Jerusalem” hymn “satanic mills” was about.

      As pointed out previously here, every political “leader” on coming to “power” gets a secret message from their bosses. They are the experts in killing and torturing and disinfo, so best just obey or join the list of JFK etc. See how Trump was anti-war till he became Pres. Then they arranged the false flag chemical weapons hoax just on time for him to have a face-saving excuse to suddenly turn into a warmonger.

      Westminster regime goes along with their orders from Nato Corp.: Cause wars as directed. As in 1984 if there aren’t enough real enemies then use newtruth to pretend there are more. Hence Russophobic lies of Putin trying to “destabilise” Ukr, “annexing” Crimea, using buk missile in “terrorist attack” against westerners. BBC became a total poodle from Hutton report onwards.

      War against the Nazis was the great Holy War of goodies against the most evil baddies ever, hence the greatest possible crime is to express any doubt about what happened there.


  1. There is evidence of US officials being bribed – the information is in the open. One senior politician’s son suddenly became an oligarch in the Ukraine. As far as UK’s involvement is concerned I do not think it is guided by any sound economic self-interest. I think UK’s involvement is driven by pathological hatred of Russia in certain circles who will do whatever it will takes to cause problems for Russia, however much it will cost.

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