A (surprising?) amount of my work has nothing to do with Russia, or Donbass.

I was pleased just there to publish the first part of my interview with West Ham Utd legent Sebastien Schemmel.

And this, of course, after my recent time back in the UK, where both the BBChttps://thetruthspeaker.co/2017/07/24/bbc-hit-piece-my-response-to-it/ – and the Sunday Times – https://thetruthspeaker.co/2017/07/30/the-sunday-times-today-how-they-faked-news-exclusive/ – took it in turns to have a go at me, a key part of their polemic being that I’m some sort of ‘pro-Russian’, who pumps out ‘pro-Russia’, ‘pro-separatist’ propaganda.

Of course, as addressed in my articles on the theme, this isn’t the case at all, but in any case, the attack articles never include a detail for them inconvenient – that a lot of my work has no connection with Russia, or Donbass, at all.

Take just this year, in January I was back in the UK, and released this video about the murder of Barry Pring, in 2008, Ukraine – something I’d been working on since long before events began in Ukraine, on Euromaidan 2013 –

Also while back in the UK, I also filmed the March for Europe in London – 

Actually, in that playlist, over 100 videos of my Brexit reportage. I also headed to Scotland to film on the theme: 

After leaving the UK in April, I headed to Luxembourg, and am now actually finishing up the documentary on Belval that I worked on then, having recently returned – – https://thetruthspeaker.co/2017/04/14/my-next-documentary-reportage-belval-jean-claude-juncker-town/

From there, it was to Serbia, where I spent a month there covering the protests going on…

And also, starting my series of documentary reports on NATO’s actions in Serbia, 1999 – 

And if we are to look at my work overall, well, let’s do that – my most popular street interviews, from Germany, Munich – about Angela Merkel, and issues specific to Germany – almost 1 million views –

A video ever-increasing in popularity on my channel, is from Paraguay – 

There was my coverage from the 2014 World Cup – 

And some on the social problems in Brazil –

My special reportage from the terrorist attack in London, March of 2017 – 

And on my channelthere are many many more, nothing to do with Russia, or Donbass. Not that that would ever be of any interest to the western media, of course 😉

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