Donbass – Covering All Sides, Onto Something New

I’ve written about my latest period of reportage from Donbass here:

I made an effort to cover, and in English, all sides of the situation in Donbass:

Here, a look, with full English subs, at School 60’s Graduation Ceremony, meet the Donbass next generation!

A look at life in a Donbass wartorn village:

Graham – Special Reportage (#12) Trip to the Donbass Wartorn Village of Nikishino

And work in Donbass!

Graham – Special Reportage (#15) Yasinovate (DPR) Machine Engineering Plant

And what next, over the next year? Of course, I’ll be doing special reportage from Donbass, when that’s needed. But, I also feel that after over 3 years of, at times, non-stop reporting from here, it’s time for a new challenge. Something big, significant. Seismic even.

And also, for whatever you read about Donbass, the reality of being here now is it’s fairly calm, with things not particularly moving in any direction. If anything getting a bit better, but in general there’s a collective waiting for something to move the situation forward after what is now almost 3 1/2 years of war here. 

And of course, Donbass is served by fantastic young journalists, whom I maintain excellent contact with, who deserve more exposure for their work. I’m happy to have some who can record reportage for me, if that’s of breaking concert.

There’s also Patrick Lancaster, of course!

So, as I say, there’ll be more from Donbass of course. But look out soon for details of a huge project over the next year! 

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