Graham and Crimea: The Story, the Work

If you follow my work, you will of course about my connection with Donbass – over 3500 videos, 50+ million views on my channel of reportage from Donbass.

But, there is also my reportage from Crimea: 300+ videos, well over 3 million views.

My work from Crimea has always been hugely important to me. In fact, in March of 2014, of my own volition, I went to Crimea to capture the moment in history, do reportage from there. From my first time in Crimea, March 1st: 

Actually, as you may gather from that, I wasn’t really doing video at the time, and was focusing on photos. Here’s some from that day, Sevastopol, March 1st, 2014, as a large-scale concert, and gathering, was held in the city’s central Nakhimova Square –

Returning for the referendum, on March 16th, 2014 – 

Crimea election posters

A look at, inside, a polling station – as it really was: 

The mood on the streets:

And reportage the west would never show you, like this Crimean Tatar, who’d voted for Russia:

And lots more reportage from that time, in fact you can find all of my Crimea reportage, in English, by clicking on this link.

I returned to Crimea in summer of 2015, for a month of reportage (all my reportage, as ever, completely crowdfunded, independent), which saw over 120 videos, including this, from Yalta beach, over 700,000 views, full English subs: 

This, also from 2015, an English interview with Maria, from Dnipropetrovsk:

And Dima, I am a Crimean – 

I returned in April of 2016, for another month of work, which culminated in a film ‘Crimea: Victory Day 2016’.  Highlights in that time:

An interview with Natalya Poklonskaya – couple of extracts here: 

Evpatoria, and what needs done to improve Evpatoria – in the words of locals:

Showing you exactly what it’s like at the border between Crimea, and Ukraine: 

And much more. In 2016 I also filmed the first part of my upcoming film a ‘Brit in Crimea’.  In 2017, I’m now back in Crimea completing filming of that, as well as working on a host of other reportage projects.

Here’s just a selection of what I’ve released so far:

A video showing you the western false narrative on Crimea:

And the Ukrainian false narrative:

Interviews with Ukrainians in Crimea, telling you the reality of how it is here. 

And there is lots, lots more to come!!!


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