My 20 Days in Artek, What is, and Why Artek?

I just spent the last 20 days filming at a place you may never have heard of, the Artek children’s camp, in Crimea, Russia. 

It was an absolutely fascinating time, the most access of the legendary children’s centre ever given to a journalist. And it was full-on work, often starting early morning, and filming  until night, running, even climbing or swimming, around much of that time.

And that was the fun part. Now, the real work starts, to make a proper documentary film, and several video reports from there – with full English subtitles, of course!

So, as for the ‘why’ I did it – you’ll have to wait for the reportage to see. I’m hugely excited about it. For now, some photos of an incredible 20 days! And huge thanks to the amazing press centre there, Yury, Karina, in particular.

2 thoughts on “My 20 Days in Artek, What is, and Why Artek?”

  1. I was alerted to your series by J Hor. Have you considered making a DVD of your short segments, perhaps with narration? I have in mind something like Kevin pina’s Haiti: We Must Kill The Bandits, so that viewers may understand the timeline, the various actors, and so forth. This may be more effective than over the internet, as activist networks can avoid a fair bit of censorship and connection to websites that would frighten, in terms of current Russophobic propaganda, western publics. For example, for several years prior to “we must kill the bandits,” there were showings of a rough draft, “Haiti the untold story,” from when Pina was fleeing the western security services in Haiti.


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