Helping Donbass Children’s Homes

As you all know, I won’t be reporting on Donbass so much in the coming period. I’ll be completely honest with you here, and say that falling views, and resonance of reportage, led me to the view that my reporting wasn’t, at this moment in time, making a real difference there, wasn’t helping people there.

And, in Donbass, I always considered that my role as a journalist, that by reporting the truth from there, people knowing that, that making a difference, it helped people.

However, for now, clearly, there are other, better ways to help people. I’ll be in Donbass soon, and not only continuing to help children’s homes there. but expanding the help to include several children’s homes (including here, Lutugino).

I’m not collecting money for this, but someone – Sean Taylor – has been insisent in sending funds, specifying for children’s homes – and I’ll soon be handing all that over, in full. 

I’ve actually not collected money for any of this help, it’s all been donated by people – clothes, toys, educational items for children – from all over Russia. I’m going to keep things on a ‘non-money’ basis, because that comes with its own set of particulars.

However, I’m keen to expand the collection of clothes, toys, educational items for children’s homes in Donbass, and even have premises near Donbass, in Russia, in which to store them.

If you can be a part of this, let me know –

Thanks again!


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