A Brit in Crimea: On His Holidays: Premiere in Moscow

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a documentary film about Crimea, for well over a year now a ‘Brit in Crimea’. A completely crowdfunded film.

It’s about my reportage in Crimea, from 2014-2017. A new person. A new adventure. His life after that adventure. And much more.

Am happy to say the premiere will be in Moscow, on January 16th, 2018. More details to come. Film in English.

Would of course like to show the film in the UK, but every time I’ve booked a venue to do something there, the ‘pro-Ukrainians’ bombard the place with threats, hate, and everything else they can throw at it. It has always come down to venue saying ‘sorry, nothing personal, we just don’t want the trouble’, in the end.

Meanwhile, of course, Ukrainians, pro-Ukrainians hold any number of events in the UK telling people about their ‘revolution of dignity’ and the ‘annexation’ of Crimea, etc etc…

Hence the premiere in Moscow, of a British film, made by a Brit, with some help from an American, and a chap from Donbass, and featuring a Brit.

If anyone has any ideas of a place which wouldn’t go yellow in the UK, for a presentation, let me know. Otherwise, the film will of course be on YouTube, and I’ll let you know more about the premiere in due course!

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