Crimea: 2 Months of Intensity!

Apologies about no recent Truth Speaker articles – I’ve just returned from a hugely productive, intense 2-month period covering Crimea, and concluding the filming of my upcoming film, Brit in Crimea, in Crimea. The period was a huge success, with so far around 1.5 million views, and fast rising, on my YouTube channel alone, mass media coverage, and more – it marked the most popular period in some time for my reportage in English.

Crimea, as we know, one of the epicentres of the global information war –

Here’s a sampling of the reportage from this recent period!

I had a look at the information war Ukraine wages against Crimea, especially on the Crimean beaches: 

I then spoke to actual Ukrainians in Crimea, on holiday, to see what they say:

I spent time at the largest children’s centre in the world, with this report for now –

And more to come!

I had a look at Crimea IT guys, versus western sanctions on Crimea –

A look at what the west tell us about the treament of Crimean Tatars in Crimea –

Versus the reality – the contruction for them, of the largest mosque in eastern Europe –

And my exclusive reportage, from the Crimea Bridge, with more to come from there!

Unique 360 degree footage, here –

Actually, there’s a lot more of all reportage to come from Crimea, am working now on the edits, and English subtitles!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s with me, supports my work, makes it all possible! To support my work at any time, simply click here!

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