Crimea Conference 2017: Crimea in the Modern International Context

Crimea is of course, noted for its conferences, among them those which have shaped the world we live in today.  In any case, not to be so grand, but I’m very

RUSSIA – FEBRUARY 04: Yalta Conference. Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin (from left to right), February 4-11, 1945.

happy to have accepted an invite to the upcoming conference in Yalta, Crimea in the Modern International Context, to be held on November the 6th, and 7th, in Yalta.

The conference has invited journalists, politicians, academics, and more from all over the world, for plenaries, sessions, discussions about Crimea in the modern context, the Crimean referendum, and more.

I’m really looking forward to being there, taking part in it, and bringing you reportage from it. Let’s see who comes, and how it goes! Eyes down for Yalta!

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