Video Reportage in English regularly passing 10,000 Views!

With my video reportage in Russian, literally, they sky can be the limit – this from August, Crimea, soon soaring over 700,000. It’s a Russian theme. Of course, getting views in English can be harder – firstly the videos need to be subtitles, and I try to properly subtitle the videos, not just YouTube subtitles.

So, I set a benchmark, in English, of 10,000 views as being a decent benchmark. Why this? Well, this BBC reportage, typical BBC propaganda, about Crimea 3 years ago, for example, just over 30,000.  (Of course, some BBC pieces have more, but others also less, this from a year ago, 24,000)

So, it’s been great to see recently English-language reportage from Crimea consistently reaching, surpassing 10,000 views! Not all, yet, but a lot, have a look:

This, from the Crimea Bridge, almost 17,500 views – 

This, from the new airport in Simferopol, over 12,000 views – 

Here, development in Crimea – roads, bridge and airport, near 13,000 views – 

And this, from Artek, almost 12,000 views – 

And views are rising all the time, from all over the world. Of course, the more views, the more resonance, the more capacity to make a meaningful difference! So it’s a wonderful thing to notice a real upturn in that sphere!

Thanks again for watching, supporting my reportage, lots more to come!