Google Maps on Donbass – Can it be Trusted?

What’s the first thing you do when you look for a place? Of course, Google Maps, the world’s leading most popular online map, not only that, the world’s most popular app, with 54% of smartphones having it installed at least once.

Yesterday I wrote about Denmark, and despite all, the first thing I did was go to Google Maps. The ‘despite all’ part, is the following – that I’ve serious questions about the impartiality of the internet’s most comprehensive web-mapping service. The other week, I went to do a search for a place in Lugansk, this, th centre of the city of Lugansk, Donbass (now, ok, Google Maps are not going to describe it as the Lugansk People’s Republic, that’s not up for discussion now)

Here, a closer look, and we can clearly see a ‘Monument of victims of ‘russian world’ terror’ marked – 

Clearly, Russian written as ‘russian’ as a mark of disrespect. But that’s an incidental, because this monument, and let’s have a look at the satellite imagery here, for which Google Maps is renowned –

And here is the monument itself, in the centre of Lugansk. But it is not a monument to anything connected with ‘Russian terror’ – it’s a monument to victims of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army – who fought with the Nazis in WWII. 

There are a few things to take into account here. A feature of Google Maps is indeed the ability to add, or name landmarks there. But is there really no limit? Could you just go to the Statue of Liberty and just name it as, well, take your pick… could you just go to Jerusalem, Palestine, etc….

More, I submitted a correction about this to Google a week ago, and they’ve done nothing about it yet. How long has it even been there? Clearly, providing accurate information here is not a priority for Google Maps – so the question is, in how many other places don’t they care about what’s on their maps? 

This is Google Maps, over 7000 employees, constantly investing millions in adding new features – soon they’ll be able to tell you when to get off the bus. And they are so uninterested in checking their maps not only for accuracy, but for that which is clearly grossly offensive….

As for the sheer, crass cynicism of the ‘pro-Ukrainian’, to call them that, who renamed this to attack Russia, without any thought not only for the victims of the UIA, but more for the hundreds killed in Lugansk itself by Ukrainian shelling of the city, in 2014…. well, from them, that’s probably to be expected.

But from Google Maps, we should either expect more, or be aware that when we look at Google Maps, we may be looking at the work of fine geographers and cartographers. Or it could just be some angry activist running amok….

5 thoughts on “Google Maps on Donbass – Can it be Trusted?”

  1. Dear Graham, Google is a capitalist corporation in the US of A where A stands for various things such as Arrogance, Arsewholes….
    To complete its maps it needs to obtain local knowledge from local “authorities”. As far as it and the rest of the globalists are concerned, the DNR and LNR don’t properly exist and so the only local authority is the Kiev regime. They say the monument is about “russian terror”, and so that’s what Google’s information says. You do not qualify as an authority to challenge that. Nor would I. We could of course found our own TruthMaps but I doubt it would float very high!


  2. I have already submitted a request to edit this back to normal as well – being a Google maps local guide, they might take this request seriously. ( Let’s hope they’ll use some of their manpower to fix this soon. If not, I’ll simply end my participation in their local guide program. Don’t feel like putting more time in this if these acts of digital vandalism aren’t being taken serious.


  3. Unbelievable! What an impudence! What a lie! “russian terror” ha?! They put all upside down! That was ukrainian terror against everybody, who had different opinion on political matters. OUN-UPA (UIA) is what ukrainian nazi call “heroes” these days. “Glory to Ukraine – Glory to heroes” they shout on their meetings and exactly same slogan those UIA (WW II nazis collaborators) had 70 years ago!
    Graham, the only thing I found not quite correct in your article is this: “it’s a monument …Army – who fought with the Nazis in WWII”. You should have rather say “…who fought in line with nazis… against people”


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