Crimea – 4 Years On, Usual Nonsense, and some Laughs….

There it was, trundling into view like the latest Police Academy instalment. The west’s response to Crimea’s reunification with Russia 4 years ago. Good ole Britain’s own Boris got the ball rolling last week even, jumping the gun on all the #CrimeaisUkraine antics, with his usual hadn’t-read-the-memo bluster, containing so many omissions and errors that the Russian Embassy in the UK just sat back and picked them off one by one. 

Back to the #CrimeaisUkraine and there was the to-be-expected offerings from Ukrainian embassies around the world –

Here actually not a bad reflection of some of the work done by Russian in stopping ‘pro-Ukrainian’ acts of terrorism on the peninsula.

The rest just blah-blah propaganda, as per….

Ukraine’s international friends, or really those who want to have a go at Russia by showing support for Ukraine, joined on the act – Canada as usual – first up – 

Here, Ukrainian’s foreign minister Klimkin thanking Boris for his above support, followed by Lithuania –

Latvia, even more, clearly keen to show the USA that all the money they’ve spent promoting western propaganda in Latvia, is reaping the results – 

Back to the UK, with UK ambassador to Ukraine, Judith Gough tweeting this out, with the presumably unintentional side-effect of making it look like there was no one either on the stage, or in the audience, for Chubarov’s offering.

The UK to the OSCE meanwhile, took the most risible part of Boris’ Crimea-flail and served it up as a self-standing tweet –
Noble words indeed, which would have far more credibility if the UK hadn’t been one of the foremost proponents of bombing Serbia in 1999 to create the US, NATO enclave of Kosovo.

And to Kiev, where the rally held there to show ‘solidarity’ for Crimea came out something like this –

A few dozen protesters grimly clutching propaganda placards written in English, for the benefit of western media. Such a forced, limp show of ‘solidarity’, it seems cruel to even point out the difference between that, and the ‘victory parade in Ukrainian Sevastopol’ promised to Ukrainians back in 2014….

So, another year, another anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia, sees the west in the stable with Ukraine, trying to rather pathetically piss on all the straw, with the horse having long bolted, never to return.

2 thoughts on “Crimea – 4 Years On, Usual Nonsense, and some Laughs….”

  1. Graham, It is building at an excelerated rate every day now, the suffocating stench of propaganda against Russia here in Canada. ” I know, I know “, we are just lackeys for the controlled Western Press, but when you are awake it becomes frightening when you know the consequences of their actions and the psychopathic mind set of the controllers that are driving civilization toward the war to end all wars. Now it is obvious that to a portion of society that has woken up and have now taken over a large portion of alternative media such as yourself that the msm is faltering, and now a huge censoring of social media has begun against truth in FB, TWITTER, GOOGLE, UTUBE, to silence those that dare to ask questions, and seek the truth. Keep up the great work. R


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