The Crimea Bridge to Open Early, and How We Won the Information War on that.

President Putin announced today that the epic, 19km bridge connecting Crimea to mainland Russia is set to open not in December, as originally stated, but in summer. This wasn’t entirely a surprise, there had been speculation for some time the bridge may open early, given the stellar progress, but it’s still quite something.

I’d like to take this opportunity to aсquaint, or re-acquaint you with my reportage from the Crimea bridge. And to point out, that as my reports from there near 1 million views on YouTube, that makes them way, way, more popular than the BBC, CBS, or any of the western propaganda outlets who’ve ‘reported’ from there. Goes to show you what crowdfunded, independent journalism can do! Here goes – 3 Crimea Bridge reports –

Crimea ❗ Crimeans React to New Mega Bridge 🌉

Crimea Bridge ❗ War, Information War, Cats, Memes,and More! Exclusive Report ❗

Crimea Bridge ❗ Longer than Europe’s Longest Bridge: Special Report ❗

And there will be more to come, with your support. Click here to make a pledge to keeping independent, crowdfunded journalism beating the rest, winning the information war!

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