⚡ Moscow Filming Finished – Moscow Film to Come! ⚡

Happy to say that after 2 incredibly busy, productive weeks in Moscow, I’ve finished filming for my special new documentary about the city, the first in a series of exclusive, independent documentaries about Russia, in the context of the World Cup 2018. Here’s a teaser –

Why is this series necessary? Well, at this time, with the World Cup coming up and the eyes of the world soon to train on Russia, rather than Russian politics even, what have we been told about Russia by the media? Well, there was Simon Reeve’s BBC hit-job last year, following on from Reggie Yates similar one, aimed at the yoof market. Then, any number of negative western media reports, of course the BBC’s ongoing campaign to show you only negative about Russia.

While in Moscow, I had a look at this theme, in this exclusive report, about ‘Russian hooligans at the World Cup 2018’, as in British media, versus reality.

So, that’s why! To present Russia as it really is. As this historic World Cup dawns on us, to show you the reality of Russia beyond the propaganda. And what will be the result? Several, professional documentaries, freely available to all, on my YouTube channel. And, not only that, regular video blogs, to bring you along for the journey!

Of course, video blogs are just a part of it, to keep you updated. There must also be professional documentaries – this isn’t just video blogging but a serious project, with production that should even better the propaganda rivals – despite being done on a fraction of the budget – this is all completely crowdfunded, independent, journalism. And on that note, here’s my thanks to some of those who’ve supported –

You can support in one click, here – https://www.paypal.me/grahamwphillips – and it’s the support of people who click here that makes it all possible!

Here’s the first proper docu-film from Moscow, all about a day on the world’s most beautiful Metro system, and in just a few days it’s raced to near 5000 views already!

Huge thanks for being with me, making it happen, bringing truth to the world, from Russia with love, and there’s a lot more coming up soon!

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