One thought on “⚡ Exclusive ⚡ Boris Johnson Pranked by Vovan and Lexus!!”



    Fact check the KCMO May 2005,Erica Green murder investigation,-a number of things are wrong with the state’s case perpetrated by smiling faces at the kc star newspaper fox 4 wdaf and the missing & exploited -the official account by broadcasters may be false-specifically the CGCS or “Computor Generated Composite Sketch”of the little girl initially identified in the media on April 28,2001,described as having “cornrolls” styled braided hair -a chipped tooth and a slight smile re-named “Precious Doe”- and also the Frank Bender lookalike bust

    Review the case with these facts in mind:
    Why would the United States Goverment and the good people at the (DOJ/DOD) in 2003,commission a second bust to in effect replace the first -that just so happens to share a mirror likeness of the so-called composite sketch”released by the police”?

    Although It was widely reported the victim had been murdered and decapitated-some 24-48 hours before her corpse was found – and that her skull(EG) was missing -the focus of a three day search from 4/28/2001-5/1/2001-by authorities and civilians-that didn’t stop Fox (the bad people)from circulating within a few hours of authorities finding the child’s gruesome remains on April 28,2001,what Fox News wdaf described as a “Computor Generated Composite Sketch” of the headless murder victim -go-figure!???????????!

    Another point and this should illuminate what clearly appears to be an act of 911 “Technology Fraud” – The computor technology capable of creating or rendering images of the human face from scratch with the detailed “life like”realism depicted in the so-called “composite sketch” (I regret to inform you) did not exist at that time-only in recent years has it become possible though requires both special graphics software and hardware to accomplish
    Do not take my word for it- check it out for yourselves – please do your own comparisons -and report your findings to the appropriate Law enforcement agencies

    Though it should be obvious-It would stand to reason If there is something wrong with the bust-there’s probably something wrong with the so-called “composite sketch” the Missing and Exploited claim in a May 2001,KC Star newspaper article was–“not a picture of a real person”-but an image created by computor

    THIS IS A NATIONAL BROADCAST FRAUD ALERT WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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