‘Russian Tanks in Ukraine’: Tony Blair’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ for our times

As you read this, Ukraine is levelling a series of charges against Russia in the International Court of Justice, in The Hague. The Ukrainian government are asking the United Nations’ highest court, to fine Russia for “intervening militarily in Ukraine, financing acts of terrorism, and violating the human rights of millions of Ukraine’s citizens.”

Ukraine submitted a 45-page indictment to the court in January.

There was something about that 45 which jumped out. Who can forget then PM Tony Blair standing in the Houses of Parliament, on September 24th 2002, and, declaring that “The Government dossier confirms that Iraq is self-sufficient in biological weapons and that the Iraqi military is ready to deploy those, and chemical weapons, at some 45 minutes’ notice.”

That speech which launched an Iraq war resulting in a massive bodycount, civilian, and military, on all sides.  And fast-forward 15 years later, we have 45 again, more lies again, and this time it’s Ukraine trying to blame Russia, for a war in which many thousands have died.

But this time, it’s not non-existent ‘weapons of mass destruction’, it’s a Ukraine-fabricated ‘Russian invasion’, and ‘Russian tanks in Ukraine’. Particularly ‘Russian tanks’.

What does Ukraine want from all this? Some speculate, debt forgiveness.  Yet Ukraine would also like the west to let it wage war to reclaim the parts of Donbass it believes are Ukraine, yet which broke away from Ukraine after the violent coup of Euromaidan (supported by the west).  A war in which huge numbers would die.

Something they like to seize on is the presence of ‘Russian tanks’, the tank a tangible invariably the T-72B3, claiming this proves a ‘Russian invasion’, etc. And they often like to use screenshots of me in ‘proving’ this. It’s a strange world we live in when these people decide you’re a ‘propagandist’, because you often report news they don’t like. Then, when you report something which suits their ends, it’s a ‘mistake’, and so on.  When actually, all you do is report everything you see, all the time, as it is…

Anyway, the Ukrainian, even western press like using me as the ‘poster boy’ for ‘Russian tanks’ in Donbass, one of the reasons for that being they believe this irritates me, when actually I am entirely calm about it all. I certainly notice the irony in, for example, this latest video here, made by Ukrainian media to coincide with the Hague hearing. The narrator of the piece, who calls himself a journalist, calls me a ‘propagandist’ before himself making entirely unsubstantiated claims about the tanks in my video. And, as we can see from seconds 42, and 43 here, of their own video, use of fancy technology can’t hide that they’ve made the tank I filmed look like one with several significant differences:

If you’re looking for a full debunk, I’ve written that here: 


And – 


And – 


‘Russian invasion’, of Ukraine, and particularly ‘Russian tanks’, are the lie of our times, Tony Blair’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ of our day. War may change, but the lies used to justify wars, clearly, stay the same, as do the deaths as a result of that.

A Graham Newsletter (#21) Jubilees, Embassy, Murder, and More…

Firstly, with the jubilees – this site recently passed half a million hits, while on YouTube, it was my first video to pass 2 million views.



I’d like to thank you for your support, in all my work! And for those wishing to support my work – fully independent, crowdfunded, all details are here: 


doctor-lizaIt’s been a very busy time recently, I completed a 2-hour-film about the late, amazing Doctor Liza, which am now working on English subtitles for. And a trip to what transpired to be an LSE pro-Maidan propaganda event inspired me to start a series of videos aimed at being short bursts of reality about situations often at the centre of lies, as with Euromaidan, Donbass, Crimea (see below), and more. The first, on Euromaidan: 

Also, I’d like to have these videos in as many languages as possible, and it would be great if you could be involved in that, click here.

As for Crimea, I’m happy to say that work is well underway on my film, made with your support via crowdfunding ‘A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays).’


And, referring to the ‘Embassy’ and ‘Murder’ of the title, here’s my new article about what exactly the Ukrainian Embassy do in the UK.


Going back a little by the way, and there’s been so much on it’s been hard to keep up at times. This was my article giving the definitive answer as to whether there are Russian tanks in Donbass – 


And here, about Ukraine seizing my mobile phone records


That story was also covered here by the Courier, with pro-Ukraine trolls predictably jumping on the comments section.

So it’s been a very busy time, and there’s a lot more to come! As ever, my enormous thanks for your being with me, making it all possible!

My First Video to Pass 2 Million Views… But… (18+)

Graham Phillips

My YouTube channel has around 4,500 videos, over 60 million views. There are 15 over half a million, 4 over a million, and now, for the first time, a video over 2 million. But, it’s no cause to celebrate, this is the video –

It’s Donetsk, 8th October 2014, Donetsk morgue, and simply, bodies stacked screenshot-949high, as Ukrainian shelling of the city went on daily. And who are they, well as the mortician says, fighters account for only 1 in 3, so it’s mainly civilians.

I had absolutely no idea the video would attract so many views. And, of course, I know that some of the views are not for the right reasons, it’s even the ‘top’ video on various ‘gore’ forums, as I’m aware.

However, from the over 2 million views, a number around double the size of Birmingham, the UK’s second city, I also believe it’s brought new information to many in a way which would not otherwise have been done. Brought information to people who wouldn’t have known about the situation any other way.

screenshot-948The video is absolutely graphic, shocking, many have written saying they find it too much, such a video should never have been made, uploaded. But, this is a video which has been watched by almost every country in the world which has access to the internet.

It’s a video which has been watched by countries which otherwise have no connection, or general interest, in the war in Donbass – in 2nd, and 4th place respectively, Mexico and Brazil.

Most importantly of all, it was, as with all my videos, a real video, one which shows the reality of the war in Donbass. Mass death. Civilian death. Grandmothers, grandfathers among stacked high in a morgue, victims of a war they could never have expected in their lives. Victims of shelling by a country, Ukraine, they once considered themselves citizens of. Victims in death of a city which barely had a system with which to cope with death on that scale.

So, for this video to pass 2 million is nothing to celebrate in itself. But I always hope that it showed some the reality of war in a way so visceral as to do something to prevent further death.

Givi, in Words and Video

Wondering why there’s not been more about legendary DRP commander Givi on social media? Well, as informed by several of my friends, anyone mentioning him there was blocked. Facebook ‘freedom of speech’ strikes again.

I’ve written about Givi here. 

And now, here it is, with full English subtitles, my documentary tribute to a great man.


Euromaidan, 2 New English-language Films: Givi and Doctor Liza

Graham Phillips

The topic of Euromaidan has come into focus again, with the London School of Economics (LSE), as part of their 2017 Literary Festival, holding a debate entitlted The Maidan Revolution – Lessons Learned and Unlearned – LSE .

I went along to film reportage from that, and more on that coming soon.

Also, I will shortly be presenting you with two films, in English. The first marks the late Donetsk People’s Republic commander Givi, whom I knew well, had filmed many times, and my favourite memories of, and videos with, him.


The second, is a 2-hour documentary about Doctor Liza, which took me some time to make, and was a true labour of love, for a truly remarkable lady.


Both of these are already available in Russian, and I’m working on the English-language versions now. All of my work is possible only because of your support, see more details here. 

Thank you, and more to come soon, Graham

Are there Russian Tanks in Ukraine? The Definitive Answer

Graham Phillips

Many many people in the west want to tell you there are ‘Russian tanks in Ukraine’. Russia wants to tell you there aren’t, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in recent comments. 

Why are my thoughts on the matter relevant? Well, I’ve spent most of the last 3 years in Donbass, reporting from Donbass. And I’m the guy they often use in screengrabbed photos to try to show that there are ‘Russian tanks in Ukraine’. Apparently I’m some sort of ‘Russian propagandist’, who would have been mortified to ‘accidentally reveal this’ etc etc.

Graham Phillips tankActually, I’m an independent British journalist, and I would have been absolutely fine about showing ‘Russian tanks’ in Donbass, if they were there. Actually it would have been a real scoop, an exclusive.

However, to actually prove a tank is a ‘Russian tank’, takes a lot more than the various screenshots retweeted about. It would take a proper examination of the tank, especially with modifications to tanks commonplace, meaning one derivation of, say, a T-72, can easily be made to look like another.

But, then, even to prove it’s a Russian tank is entirely academic, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Russian tanks in Ukraine, around a thousand (mainly Russian-manufactured) T-72s in Ukraine, even.

Graham Phillips tankTo say there are ‘Russian tanks in Ukraine’, in the way the west throws the words – of great significance yet with casual irresponsibility – around, would take something quite clear: evidence of tanks crossing the border from Russia, in the time since early 2014.

Yet, all this satellite imagery we have access to, and still there’s no actual evidence at all of ‘Russian tanks in Ukraine’. All there is, is photos, screenshots, often featuring me, used to prop up a load of fake news, which a load of western governments want you to believe, because it fits what they want you to go along with – them sending more weapons to Ukraine.

‘Russian Tanks’, Euan MacDonald, and the Dutch conman

Graham Phillips

I saw this tweet today, by Kiev-based British ‘journalist’, editor at the Kyiv Post, Euan MacDonald

euan-macdonaldNow, I generally try to avoid slinging dirt around, but given Euan’s persistent trolling, and open lying, I’ve decided it’s time to shed a little light on him. For in short, Euan MacDonald (pictured here) is quite a bit worse than simply a liar.

As for the ‘Russian T-72B3s’ in this photo. Firstly, where’s the actual proof that that it is that model? For that, you’d need more than a screenshot, however Euan has never bothered to leave his office in Kiev, and come down to do some actual reporting in Donbass. He’s always been ‘too busy’ to do that. 

StefanHujWhat Euan did do, was employ a Dutch conman, Stefan Huijboom, to write a slew of pro-Ukraine articles from Donbass. Relentless anti-DPR / LPR invective was indeed served up by Stefan, running in the Kyiv Post, in 2014 / 2015.

However, in early 2016, Stefan was arrested by Dutch police and is currently serving jail time in the Netherlands for a string of scams, cons, a web of lies, and deceit, stretching back years. I’ve written all about Huijboom here. 

Now it was Euan who employed Stefan, yet what’s Euan had to say about the fact that the Kyiv Post’s main Donbass journalist for over a year, was completely discredited, found to be a fraud, a liar. Euan’s never once apologised for that, never once brought it to his readers’ attention, that they were reading the words of a convicted conman. I’ve asked Euan about it here, here, here, and many more.

screenshot-907So, what is Euan? Well, apart from being blatantly pro-Ukrainian (his Facebook background a Maidan photo), he’s someone totally prepared to cover up a criminal. He was happy to employ a criminal to file articles for him, as long as they were pro-Ukrainian. Euan knew what Huijboom was writing was lies, yet, Euan, as a liar himself, was happy to go along with this.

And now, he’s happy to use a photo of me which doesn’t prove anything in particular, to prop up his latest, and oft-repeated lie on his Twitter, that ‘Russia has invaded Ukraine’ etc. Ok, Euan, fascinating. Now, tell me again about the time you employed, and covered up for, a Dutch conman?