My UK Reportage: A Wrap-up!

As  prepare to leave – it’s been an enormously busy last 2 months in the UK, working on the edits of documentary projects, dozens of articles here on the Truth Speaker, and video reportage. There will be one more report to come from the UK, part 2 of this special reportage on the recent terrorist attack in London –

To recap, here was January when I visited the UK parliament to ask at a UK/Ukraine event if they would be mentioning Ukrainian shelling civilian areas of Donbass:

The introduction to my documentary about the murder of Barry Pring

My coverage of the anti-Trump protests in London at the start of February – 

A few days later, and I try to go to a Ukrainian event in London –

And here, I succeed in getting into a Ukrainian propaganda event at the LSE! 

The end of February here, and I visit the Ukrainain Embassy in London – 

March, and a look at what Women’s Day means in London!

Then, my day as a DPR tourist in London!

Masses of reportage from the March for Europe on March 25th –

And even a trip to Scotland to bring you the reality there of how people feel about a proposed new referendum!

It’s overall achieved hundreds of thousands of views, on my channel alone, coverage in mass media – and much more! I’m a completely crowdfunded journalist, and none of this would have been possible without your support. To be involved, click here!

Thanks again, and on we go!!


Video Reportage: My Day as a DPR Tourist in London

A couple of things to note about this recent reportage – I added a few of my favourite songs to accompany it, however due to YouTube policies, this means, for their own reasons, that the reportage isn’t playable on some devices, so, to be sure of watching it, best on a computer!

Also, just in case you fancied a break from my music, perhaps even adding your own, I left a few seconds quiet in the middle. Here’s the reportage! 

Updates from the DLPR (#10) Ukrainian Shelling Escalates, Patrick Lancaster Reports

A dramatic, fatal escalation in Donbass in recent days has seen a minimum of 6 civilians killed, and 13 injured, as Ukrainian shelling has rained down on the Donetsk, and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Covering the action from Donetsk, is US journalist Patrick Lancaster.

January 29th, Patrick reports: Artillery destroyed a home in Donetsk during the night

On his Twitter, Patrick questioned why the OSCE didn’t inspect this. 

The same day, Patrick reports: Today the biggest attack on the area this year a mechanic was injured as opened fire on his garage

Patrick also, on Twitter, using a crowdfunded drone to illustrate his reportage.

Here, Patrick’s video reportage from January 30th: 2 killed, hospital, apartments, & school damaged in today’s huge a artillery attack on Donetsk

From January 31st, an extremely graphic video: My full #Ukraine War report on the scene a where woman is killed by artillery fire in #Donetsk,(ENG SUBS)

Also from January 31st:  war: This apartment building in Kyivs’kyi district was hit by artillery fire twice today

And from the same day: The moment today when trapped miners are rescued from a coal mine after a artillery attack.

Once more the 31st: APT. building near #Donetsk train station shelled by #Ukraine forces in early morning

Today, another graphic video: 4th civilians in 3 days has been killed by Ukraine shelling in the Donetsk area

And Patrick’s investigative report: My investigative report proving that Forces fired artillery on a residential area hitting many apartments

Be sure you are following Patrick on Twitter, for real, on the ground reports, as the Donbass situation escalaes further still.

New English Reportage from Donbass (#1) Students, Weapons, Defectors

The first in a series bringing together my recent English-language Donbass reportage. Graham Phillips

Huge thanks for English subtitles to Sergey Yermolayev, and Anastasia Urtica. 

All my reportage is funded by crowdfunding. Huge thanks to everyone involved! To make a donation to my work, click here. 

The end of November saw me at a scene, asking why the OSCE weren’t working –

Interviewing an LPR fighter on the frontlines –

A student talent show in Lugansk –

Into December, and it’s special reportage from an LPR factory, where they make their own weapons, then test them –

And, in Lugansk, a recent press conference with a former Ukrainian fighter, crossed over to the Lugansk People’s Republic side –

Updates from the DLPR (#8) Leaving and Returning to the LPR, and the difference…

I left the Lugansk People’s Republic a couple of weeks ago, to go to report from the DPR for a period. The LPR I left was at that time, almost entirely quiet, in terms of war. Events were of a more positive nature, this flashmob in Pervomaisk –

And here, Lugansk schoolchildren sing ‘Imagine’ to me!

Returning to Lugansk – with an evacuation taking place from a frontline village, and the reason clear in this video report, huge thanks to Sergey Yermolayev for English subtitles here –

Back in Lugansk, it was immediately thrust into reporting of a different kind, as Ukrainian forces had fired 7 times into villages by the perimeter. I go there to report on it, and ask why the OSCE are there, but don’t seem to be doing anything –

Here’s a look at the frontline, and the distance between sides –

And here, with full English subs, again thanks to Sergey Yermolayev, an exclusive English-language interview from the LPR frontlines –

We go on here, in the LPR for now, with more reportage to come, but let’s hope for a return to the positive, rather than the latest.

Updates from the DLPR (#7) Donetsk Destruction in 360 Degrees (Videos)

Two recent videos, as I try out the still new 360 degree video format (you can control the camera yourself, via the panel in top left), to take you on a tour of the destruction wrought on Donetsk by Ukrainian shelling of the city – first a trip along the Stratonatov street, near the airport –

Here, a tour around a completely wrecked Donetsk home –

The OSCE in Donetsk – What are they there for?

Graham Phillips

The OSCE, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, have been a sizeable presence in Donetsk for over 2 years now, with their fleet white Toyota Landcruiser vehicles in the city, and personnel numbering in total near 600 in Donbass, many of whom are based in Donetsk, being as it is the largest urban centre in Donbass, plus still at the centre of ongoing hostilities (the Lugansk area now, largely calm).

Ostensibly, they are here to report on ceasefire violations, shelling, and other incidents related to a situation classified as war, in Donetsk, since May 26th, 2014. They provide spot reports, on their website, and maintain a Twitter feed.

Yet, for an organisation over 40-years-old – it has its origins in the 1975 Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE) held in Helsinki, Finland – there’s an alarming absence of any coherent policy. Take speaking to the media, you can, on occasion find a friendly OSCE monitor who will be more than happy to. But last week, when I tried speaking to them, one of them even slapped my camera –

More importantly, this shelling was abundantly clearly from Ukrainian positions. Yet, in their spot report, the OSCE didn’t identify the Grads as having come from Ukrainian positions, writing fired from a direction ranging from south-west to west – the only positions there are Ukrainian positions.

So, what happened? The report came out, went largely unnoticed. Yet, if the OSCE had come out and said that shelling from Ukraine-controlled territory had hit, and wrecked, homes in Donbass? That would have made a story, no matter how begrudgingly, the western media would have had to cover it.

So, why didn’t the OSCE say who controlled the territory from which the shelling came? Again, there’s no coherent policy, because when the OSCE want to say who controls the territory from which shelling came, they can absolutely do that – as in January 2015, Mariupol – OSCE mission report: Mariupol shelled from rebel-controlled territory | KyivPost

So, what’s going on? When shelling comes from Ukraine-controlled territory, they osce-hugsimply give directions, yet when they can say it came from ‘rebel’ territory they shout that from the rooftops? Where’s the policy?

After all, this is an organisation which makes a big show of caring about casualties of the conflict in Donbass. The Principal Deputy Chief Monitor, and de facto ‘face’ of OSCE operations in Donbass, Alexander Hug (pictured), recently stating – In whose interests is it when children are endangered? Last Fri 4 y-old boy spent night in freezing basement as Debaltseve was shelled.

Yet, if the OSCE had actually stated who was doing the shelling, surely this situation could have been resolved much earlier? The entire conflict in Donbass is predicated on the concept perpetuated in the west that Ukraine are somehow the ‘good guys’, defending their land against ‘Russian aggressors’. But, if a wider audience knew Ukrainian forces were targeting civilian areas with shelling, on a daily basis, it’s untenable western governments would have been able to support Ukraine as they have, and pressure on the Kiev government could have resulted in the conclusion of this protracted, bloody conflict a long time ago.

However, the OSCE not reporting who is responsible for the shelling is far from the only problem with their ‘mission’ in Donbass. Often, they simply don’t turn up to shelling sites. This recent scene, the village of Alexandrovka, the edge of Donetsk, around 20km from the centre of Donetsk, and the OSCE simply didn’t go there –

As the woman in the video explains, the OSCE have, arbitrarily, decided to draw a line which they won’t go beyond. The OSCE didn’t visit this scene at all, and on the day, I took a couple of photos of their fleet, apparently all, or almost all, back at basecamp in the centre of Donetsk – osce-donetsk


There are a lot of questions to put the OSCE – why no coherent policy on speaking to the media? Why do they blame one side for shelling, but cover up for the other? Why, when they have all the resources, do they choose not visit some shelling sites?

Perhaps, an over-riding question, in Donetsk, just what are the OSCE there for?