A Graham Newsletter (#25) East of Ukraine Nostalgia, Crimea, Latvia, DPR Tourism

It’s been both a week of intense activity in Donbass – from the first coal, and not only, trading with Russia, new DPR-designed roadheaders (I’ve been covering that all on my Twitter), and, sadly, continued Ukrainian shelling (see Patrick Lancaster, on the scene, for full coverage of that).

Also, I can say it’s been a week of some nostalgia for myself, as this week, 3 years ago, I’d set off from Odessa to see the situation in the east of Ukraine, as it was then, for myself. Driving, sleeping in the car for a few hours many nights to save time, covering as much ground as possible and, for my own embryonic YouTube channel as it was, filming reportage of things, just as they were! This week I did a few pull-togethers of reportage, here on the Truth Speaker, of things as they were –

Click here for full reportage, Donetsk, March 12th, 2014, here’s a couple: 

From Kharkov, March 14th: 

And, of course, Crimea, March 16th:

Of course, looking back to Latvia, from 2016, it’s a difference form of ‘nostalgia’ – I’d gone to spend a month reporting from Latvia, yet on the 3rd day, the authorities objected to my coverage of the march there honouring Nazism, deported me, banned for 3 years.

Here is my reportage from that day, March 16th, 2016 – 

They then pursued me with various letters describing my ‘misdemenours’ (in Latvian, so I really had no idea what they were saying), culminating in an 8-page document, which, after listing all my supposed wrong-doings (I asked people at a march honouring Nazism why they were doing that), then said they wanted 150 Euros from me!

Things all got a bit surreal on March 16th itself, when Ukrainian media, and not only, wrote the story of my being detained, and deported, at the Waffen SS veteran march, as if it had been March 16th, 2017 rather than 2016!  Groundhog Day…

This led to my receiving a lot of worried messages, and my own wondering if this was Latvia’s latest attempt for 150 Euros from me!

As it was, I was far away from Latvia. And indeed, being a tourist – in London, no less, and here I present you with my latest reportage from there, as a ‘DPR tourist’, no less, featuring a couple of special guests!

 There’s a bit more to come from the UK, not only London, and then, I’ll be on the road back to Donbass, via some interesting places en route!

Once more, a massive thanks to all of you who support my work, and make all kinds of reportage possible, in all kinds of places! The main thing is, it’s always independent, objective, and completely crowdfunded! To be a part, click here –


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‘Russian Tanks in Ukraine’: Tony Blair’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ for our times


And don’t worry, none of your support goes towards propping up the Latvian economy 😉

Look out for lots more to come soon! Best for now!

A Graham Newsletter (#23) New Reportage Coming, Crowdfunding SOS

Graham Phillips

Along with recent video reportage from the UK, and London (where I’ll be filming special reportage to mark Women’s Day tomorrow), as well as many articles here on the Truth Speaker, I’m pleased to announce I’ll be filming reportage from a special, surprise, place this month, before setting off back to Donbass, via reportage from across Europe, and Serbia en route!

As you know, all of my reportage is crowdfunded, and there’s now only a few hours to go of my latest crowdfunder, here – 


And it’s quite a bit below target, so if you can be involved in keeping my completely independent journalism alive, now’s the time!

Of course some of you have made donations by Paypal
– https://www.paypal.me/grahamwphillips

So, we don’t need to reach the full 100% on Indiegogo, but there’s a way to go! Here’s a reminder at some of what your support has made possible recently:

Having a closer look at the Ukrainian Embassy in London, while investigating a murder in Ukraine:

A visit to what transpired to be a Ukrainian propaganda event, at the LSE – 

Many articles here, on the Truth Speaker: 





And I’ve also released the first bonus video clips of our upcoming film, A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays), featuring ‘Brits in Rostov’, to coincide with Manchester United playing there this week, and all the scaremongering that’s already started in the western media about that. More on that theme to come: 

So, much more to come in general, from lots of places, and it’s all possible thanks to your support! 

Ukraine targets Journalists (again), as the west just looks on (again)

Graham Phillips

In Ukraine, ‘radicals’ have published the latest issue of playing cards issued to Ukrainian soldiers with ‘kill targets’ on them. But don’t be fooled by ‘radicals’, be sure the Ukrainian government have given their full support to this, and the cards will be issued to Ukrainian soldiers, as previously (see my photos here of cards, after Ukrainian forces retreated from Lugansk airport, September 2014) –

ukraine-cards ukraine-cards1
Here they are: 

As well as myself, a UK freelance journalist, being on there, there are several other journalists, including prominent Russian journalist Dmitry Steshin.

So, where’s the outrage over this from the west? The headlines blasting Ukraine Targets Journalists…. where’s the outrage from western governments??

Nowhere at all. Remember, this is Ukraine and the west will blindly support Ukraine, because it’s a really convenient country to use to have a go at Russia.

screenshot-1209 screenshot-1215

Go Lightly on Hollie

Graham Phillips

I’ve made over 4000 videos, mostly from the war in Donbass, and around 40 have amassed over 200,000 hits. There’s another one set to join that list soon, and there’s a bit of a story behind it.

On June 24th, day after the June 23rd referendum had seen a vote by the UK to leave the EU, I headed down to Downing Street to film, and chat with, the protesters out there, posting several videos from a fairly low-key evening which had been pretty good-natured, a bit quirky.

I went back, posted them up, as my series of crowdfunded Brexit reportage continued. Now, for the most part, I have an idea how videos will do, but once they are out there online, they take on a life of their own. Back in October 2014, in time of war, when I was going to Donetsk airport every day, interviewing Givi, Motorola, I was pretty sure each video would get big hits – although that’s never been the first priority of any of my reportage, similarly Debaltsevo February 2015.

As public interest (sadly) waned in Donbass, a popular video from there would be 10,000, rather than 100,000, generally similar numbers for my Crimea reportage, with the occasional breakthrough. As for this recent Brexit reportage, it started slow, with videos getting a couple of thousand of hits, building a bit of momentum to several thousand.

So, when I uploaded the videos from Whitehall last week, I expected about that. And in the first place it was about that, then, something a little different started to happen with the video interview I made with 19-year-old Hollie Robson (I initially misspelled her name as ‘Holly’ btw). The Daily Express found the videos, made an article out of them, and of all the ones features, it was the Hollie interview which started to rocket.

I felt ok about this initially – of course, as any correspondent, I like to see my work reach a wider audience. But then, on the Express, and my channel, I began to notice some of the comments about Hollie were crossing a line.

The interview with Hollie happened, like all my interviews, I pitched up to her with a camcorder, started asking questions, she was friendly, up for it, we recorded the interview exactly as seen, I explained I was making a video blog, and that was that. Ok, in the interview, a few things Hollie said came out a bit, perhaps, dippy. However, nothing that Hollie said would justify some of the comments made.

Now, on my YouTube channel, as a rule, I never touch the comments, it’s a free speech zone (some get sent to spam automatically, when I have time, I try to go through them, pick them up). However, as I saw more and more hurtful comments about Holly, and her friend contacted me to say this was affecting her, of course I began to worry for her.

Eventually, Hollie posted a comment herself, saying she’d tried to contact me, prompting me then to go to the ‘filtered’ section of my Facebook messages to retrieve these. We’ve chatted, Hollie’s explained how hurt she has been by some of the remarks made, and we’re meeting on Sunday to film another video with her.

I’d like to defend Hollie for the first video – she is a nice, friendly young lady, caught on the stump by a guy who pitched up with a camcorder. If some of her ideas are not always fully articulated, she is, after all, 19. I want to keep the comments section of my YouTube channel an uncensored zone, but I would ask people posting to please observe basic boundaries. Hollie is a young lady, and a nice, open person. Whatever you think of her views, there’s no need to cross the line from expressing opinions and feedback, into personal insult, nastiness. This isn’t a faceless entity we are talking about, this is a young lady who will read your comments, and be adversely affected by them. So, I ask, you, please, express your views, but keep to within acceptable parameters.

I’m sure that Hollie can express herself, and her views better, and I will be more than happy to give her the opportunity to do so. I ask that you wait for this video, watch it, and be fair to Hollie. I would also note that there have been a lot of recent comments defending Hollie, and taking issue with some of the harsher comments about her, and I applaud this decency.

Thank you, Graham