⚡ Moscow Filming Finished – Moscow Film to Come! ⚡

Happy to say that after 2 incredibly busy, productive weeks in Moscow, I’ve finished filming for my special new documentary about the city, the first in a series of exclusive, independent documentaries about Russia, in the context of the World Cup 2018. Here’s a teaser –

Why is this series necessary? Well, at this time, with the World Cup coming up and the eyes of the world soon to train on Russia, rather than Russian politics even, what have we been told about Russia by the media? Well, there was Simon Reeve’s BBC hit-job last year, following on from Reggie Yates similar one, aimed at the yoof market. Then, any number of negative western media reports, of course the BBC’s ongoing campaign to show you only negative about Russia.

While in Moscow, I had a look at this theme, in this exclusive report, about ‘Russian hooligans at the World Cup 2018’, as in British media, versus reality.

So, that’s why! To present Russia as it really is. As this historic World Cup dawns on us, to show you the reality of Russia beyond the propaganda. And what will be the result? Several, professional documentaries, freely available to all, on my YouTube channel. And, not only that, regular video blogs, to bring you along for the journey!

Of course, video blogs are just a part of it, to keep you updated. There must also be professional documentaries – this isn’t just video blogging but a serious project, with production that should even better the propaganda rivals – despite being done on a fraction of the budget – this is all completely crowdfunded, independent, journalism. And on that note, here’s my thanks to some of those who’ve supported –

You can support in one click, here – https://www.paypal.me/grahamwphillips – and it’s the support of people who click here that makes it all possible!

Here’s the first proper docu-film from Moscow, all about a day on the world’s most beautiful Metro system, and in just a few days it’s raced to near 5000 views already!

Huge thanks for being with me, making it happen, bringing truth to the world, from Russia with love, and there’s a lot more coming up soon!

Next Project: South Ossetia, What’s Life Really Like in a Breakaway Republic?

For my next video report, I’ll be staying in South Ossetia (breakaway Georgian region, as you have have heard it) to show you what daily life in a semi-recognised republic really is like!

Coming soon, and thank you for a tremendous reaction to my new documentary telling the truth about the Georgian war of 2008!

Exclusive New Documentary: The Truth about the Georgian War!

Very pleased to present my new documentary: ⚡
Georgian War, 2008: What Really Happened? Exclusive Documentary!

As ever, it is completely independent, crowdfunded. To support my work, click here. 

Brit in Crimea: Most Popular Crimea Video on YouTube Just Now!!

Exactly a month ago, we released our film Brit in Crimea. I’m happy to say that, as of now, it’s the most popular video about Crimea, in English, on YouTube! Check it out for yourself – a completely independent, crowdfunded film, telling the truth about Crimea! 

My New Project: The Truth about the Georgia War of 2008, 10 Years On

If you’re reading this in the west, you will have no doubt heard a lot about the Georgia war of 2008. 

Georgia ‘overrun’ by Russian troops as full-scale ground invasion begins

Russians march into Georgia as full-scale war looms

BBC – Russian invasion of Georgia 2008

Cartoon, typical of the kind used to illustrate these stories…

Russia invades Georgia while the West watches. How did it come to this?

Bush Slams Russia’s Invasion Of Georgia

Russia invades Georgia

It’s a very convenient agenda for the west, that of ‘Russian invasion’. And so it keeps coming up… re-served to fit contemporary narratives… 

What Russia’s invasion of Georgia means for Crimea

Russia started preparing for aggression against Ukraine right after Georgia war – ex-head of Intel Service

Russia stirs fears of repeat Georgia war in Ukraine

But, what if it wasn’t like that at all? I’m pleased to introduce my upcoming project, Georgia War 2008 – What Really Happened?

All recorded from the scene, South Ossetia! Featuring exclusive new material, interviews, never-before-seen footage from the time. I’m pleased to be working on this with local journalist Ian Gabaraev.

Coming soon on  my YouTube channel, completely independent, funded only by crowdfunding!

Ukrainian Soldiers: Fighting against a Fantasy Army. And the Yankee Warmonger

There can be few wars in history where one side really didn’t know who they were fighting against. You would almost, ironically, have to go 1854, the Crimean war, and the Charge of the Light brigade who charged …. against the wrong target.

But, Kiev has reported that 77% of Ukrainian soldiers believe they are fighting against the actual Russian army. The actual Russian army. For almost 4 years. A figure which suggests a quite staggering level of brainwashing amongst those fighting for Ukraine – incidentally it was revealed by Kiev last week that over 500 of their number have committed suicide since Kiev declared the ‘ATO’ in 2014, and that just the official figure.

For lest we look at recent examples of actual Russian military involvement: Crimea, 2014. Russian army went in, on the clear will of the Crimean people it must be added (I was there), swiftly took control of the peninsula, without any casualties. Ukraine, despite being positioned right at the border, didn’t even dare to take them on. It was a no war. It was all over in days, in March of 2014.

Going back further. 2008. Then Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, with the backing of the US, used global attention on the Olympics in Beijing to launch all-out war on the breakaway region of South Ossetia (Georgian tanks advancing, here), on the night of August 7th, 8th. By mid-afternoon on August 8th, then Russian president Dmitiy Medvedev had sent the Russian army in. The war ended on August 12th, with comprehensive Georgian defeat, and retreat.

On August 13th, a peace plan was agreed between Georgia and South Ossetia, which has held since. Yet in Donbass, there’s no peace. And the Ukrainian soldiers think they’re fighting a Russian army, much stronger than it was in 2008, yet for some reason for four years, unable to effect the victory they achieved in five days of fighting in South Ossetia 2008, and without any fighting in Crimea 2014…

Actually the Ukrainian army are clearly far ‘braver’ than in 2014, when they didn’t even fire a shot in anger against the Russian army, as they’ve been shelling Donbass almost every day, for months now. And of course, they ‘can’ do this, because whatever happens, the US envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, will only report that ‘Russia is violating Minsk’.

This is the same Kurt Volker, ostensibly tasked with achieving peace in Donbass, who recently called for the ‘elimination’ of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.  Fighting talk. Warmongering talk, to be precise. Interesting what those Ukrainian troops believing they are fighting against Russia must think, to hear Volker speaking this way. That the Russian army which just last week announced a host of super-weapons fit to protect the largest country in the world against any country in the world, could be defeated in territory of just 17,000 sq km2 (DNR and LNR) against Ukrainian forces, albeit US-backed, but still comprised for the large part in Donbass of battalions of radicals, ultra-nationals, and the far-right… (pictured, Azov battalion)

Of course, Volker knows full well there’s no Russian army there, allowing him to pull off a double-act of ‘US diplomacy’, provocative statements designed to fuel the continuation of war, in the knowledge there is no ‘Russian army’ there, so Kiev is safe. But the idea of ‘Russia’ there, oft-repeated enough, and entrenched enough, that they can still be blamed at will.

Interestingly, while smiling at a recent conference, Volker referred to the war in Donbass as still ‘hot’. And in his capacity, he’ll be sure to keep it that way, fanning the flames, adding the fuel of fantasy of Russian involvement, on Twitter, in the trenches, to make sure that war in Donbass continues without any current end in sight.

As for the Ukrainian forces, they clearly can’t see who’s in front of them, but the question is what percent can see who’s behind them, pulling the strings, running the show, using them for their own ends…

The current war that suits the US in Donbass is low-intensity war. But, if that changes, if the US creates a situation, as in Georgia, where Russia has to send the army in, to prevent a genocide, those 77% of Ukrainian soldiers may only find out the real difference when it’s too late.