My First Reportage from Crimea to pass 50,000 Views! The Truth About Artek!

50,000 views is a great figure to get for video reportage on YouTube. Have a look yourself on YouTube and see just how many reports from the BBC, CNN, and on, don’t get anywhere near that.

So, I’m very happy to report that this video report, about Artek vs BBC propaganda, now becomes my first English-language video report from Crimea to pass 50,000 views. And I recommend checking out the comments too! 

Artek, Crimea – Reality vs BBC Propaganda

In my new, upcoming special reportage, I’ll be having a look at a BBC propaganda piece about Artek, the largest children’s centre in the world, in Crimea –

And how this compares with reality! I’ve already covered Artek here –

So look out for more to come, and a closer look at how the BBC ‘work’….

5 Recent Video Reports from Crimea – All in One Place

Here are 5 of  my recent video reports from Crimea, so you don’t need to go anywhere, all here:

In Sevastopol, it’s Crimean IT guys versus western sanctions:

A  look at the legendary Artek in Crimea:

A look at how the information we receive about Crimea is almost entirely false:

Interviews with Ukrainians in Crimea:

An interview with a pro-Ukrainian woman in Crimea:

And lots more coming up soon! To support my work, click here! 

My 20 Days in Artek, What is, and Why Artek?

I just spent the last 20 days filming at a place you may never have heard of, the Artek children’s camp, in Crimea, Russia. 

It was an absolutely fascinating time, the most access of the legendary children’s centre ever given to a journalist. And it was full-on work, often starting early morning, and filming  until night, running, even climbing or swimming, around much of that time.

And that was the fun part. Now, the real work starts, to make a proper documentary film, and several video reports from there – with full English subtitles, of course!

So, as for the ‘why’ I did it – you’ll have to wait for the reportage to see. I’m hugely excited about it. For now, some photos of an incredible 20 days! And huge thanks to the amazing press centre there, Yury, Karina, in particular.