Brit in Crimea – Film Ready – Premiere in Moscow!

Brit in Crimea is a unique film project, which began in mid-2016 after I, Graham Phillips, British journalist, decided to see for myself what people in the UK knew about Crimea. As you can see from this video, it turned out, almost nothing –

So from there, was born the idea to do something, on the surface, quite simple. Take a British person to Crimea on holiday. A British person without any agenda, affiliation, predisposition. A British person who just wants a holiday, in a place almost no one in Britain would think of going on holiday.

And the aim – to make a film about Crimea devoid of any propaganda – be it western, or Russian. To make a film about Crimea exactly as it is.

Les Crimea photoAnd that’s exactly what we did. Of course, these things are never quite as simple in practice – not only a holiday, but a holiday filmed. Then edited into proper film format. We raised the budget of the film through crowdunding, but fair to say that all told, this film has more of an anti-budget than a budget – actually Les – our Brit, more specifically Scot, paid for most all of his own costs. As you would on holiday.

And then, the ambitions grew. I wanted to make it not just a one-season film, but to return to Crimea next year to show the difference a year on, and the difference in Les’s life. And more.

And we did all that. And the film will premiere in Moscow on Thursday January 18th at the Fitil cinema, reception at 18:30 (click on link for all cinema details). So why is a British film, with a British man, having a premiere in Moscow? Because as I know, from hard experience, there is no way you can Screenshot (1170)put on an event in London which doesn’t conform with the set narrative there. I could find a venue for this film in the UK, but the ‘pro-Ukrainians’ would start a campaign, the venue would cancel, and it would go on that way, sad to say.

But, let the ‘pro-Ukrainians’, and anyone, watch this film objectively. Because it’s a completely objective film, about Crimea. No financing by anything apart from crowdfunding, which raised enough to cover basic costs. A completely independent film, with one aim – to tell the truth about Crimea.

BritCrimeaposterThe video production has been done, as with my previous films, by Oleg Somov, in Lugansk, so there’s some Donbass there too. And full praise to Oleg for dealing with a mass of video material, and making a film I’m truly proud of out of it all. US journalist Patrick Lancaster helped with some of the camerawork.

Very much looking forward to seeing you at the premiere. The film is in English, but spoken Russian when we get to Crimea, for the most part. Soon after the premiere, the film will be released on my YouTube channel, with full Russian subtitles.

Brit in Crimea – Filming Complete

Happy to say that on my recent trip to Crimea, I completed filming for the film some of you contributed to making – A Brit in Crimea. Huge thanks to all of you who contributed to the crowdfunding to make this film, to make it possible. 


Fair to say that crowdfunding hasn’t covered costs, but I’ve gone ahead, and made the film anyway – keeping you updated along the way, on what will be my first feature presentation in English! Work began on it back in 2016, and the film will be a look at events in Crimea, from 2014 to 2017, with a unique adventure at its core!

The premiere will be in Moscow in January, and you are all cordially invited! More details of that to come!

A Brit in Crimea: On His Holidays: Premiere in Moscow

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a documentary film about Crimea, for well over a year now a ‘Brit in Crimea’. A completely crowdfunded film.

It’s about my reportage in Crimea, from 2014-2017. A new person. A new adventure. His life after that adventure. And much more.

Am happy to say the premiere will be in Moscow, on January 16th, 2018. More details to come. Film in English.

Would of course like to show the film in the UK, but every time I’ve booked a venue to do something there, the ‘pro-Ukrainians’ bombard the place with threats, hate, and everything else they can throw at it. It has always come down to venue saying ‘sorry, nothing personal, we just don’t want the trouble’, in the end.

Meanwhile, of course, Ukrainians, pro-Ukrainians hold any number of events in the UK telling people about their ‘revolution of dignity’ and the ‘annexation’ of Crimea, etc etc…

Hence the premiere in Moscow, of a British film, made by a Brit, with some help from an American, and a chap from Donbass, and featuring a Brit.

If anyone has any ideas of a place which wouldn’t go yellow in the UK, for a presentation, let me know. Otherwise, the film will of course be on YouTube, and I’ll let you know more about the premiere in due course!

Brit in Crimea Film: Updates

I’m happy to say that work with the film itself is moving along well! I also, along with Les Scott, the Brit in Crimea himself, recently did an interview on Radio Sputnik –

And you can watch the behind-the-scenes look at that here!

Plus, a little bonus clip here:

Lot more to come!

The 1st of March, and On!

Graham Phillips

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you all on the first of March, first day of spring, I wish you all well, may green shoot abound for all!


Huge thanks to all of those of you who supported my work in this last month. If you want to be involved, click here. 

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up, I’ve been very happy to receive the first submissions for the poster for my documentary film to be released this summer, ‘A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays)’:

poster_one poster_three poster_two

Masses of propaganda abouts around Crimea. Ukrainian propaganda, western propaganda, Russian propaganda. The aim of this film was to be absolute anti-propaganda, in fact 2 of the main interviews are with a man from Kiev, and a pro-Ukrainian. 

And speaking of matters Ukrainian, some of you may know the problems the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK have tried to cause for me – trying to get my passport confiscated, get me arrested, slander, threats, and on.

Well, I went to see them on a number of issues, as it happens, reportage to come:

screenshot-1193 And, incidentally, this was my spring wishes from a pro-Ukrainian.

Sadly, a fairly typical response from a pro-Ukrainian to independent journalism. Here, my recent video about the changing face of journalism in Ukraine

March doesn’t see my exact return to Donbass, but it’s getting closer, and there are many interesting places to report from before then, and on the way. So, a lot more to come, and my very best wishes for spring once more!