Euromaidan, 2 New English-language Films: Givi and Doctor Liza

Graham Phillips

The topic of Euromaidan has come into focus again, with the London School of Economics (LSE), as part of their 2017 Literary Festival, holding a debate entitlted The Maidan Revolution – Lessons Learned and Unlearned – LSE .

I went along to film reportage from that, and more on that coming soon.

Also, I will shortly be presenting you with two films, in English. The first marks the late Donetsk People’s Republic commander Givi, whom I knew well, had filmed many times, and my favourite memories of, and videos with, him.


The second, is a 2-hour documentary about Doctor Liza, which took me some time to make, and was a true labour of love, for a truly remarkable lady.


Both of these are already available in Russian, and I’m working on the English-language versions now. All of my work is possible only because of your support, see more details here. 

Thank you, and more to come soon, Graham

A Graham Newsletter (#18) A UK Return, 5 Key Donbass Moments, a new campaign!

I’m Graham Phillips, completely crowdfunded UK journalist. To make a contribution to my work, click here! 

I’m now back in the UK. This latest period of work in Donbass has been almost exactly 4 months, starting as it did back in mid-September of 2016, and entirely crowdfunded as per here –

There have been over 200 videos in this time, over 6 million views – on my channel alone, mass exposure in media across the world.

That’s all because of your support! This was 100% objective, independent journalism – funded by you the people, this campaign here on indiegogo, plus other contributions, as per here, covered costs.

I’m now working through the pledges to honour those I made to you, and even exceed them, so those involved, look out for that! For now, here were 5 key moments from a hugely productive time –

  1. Showing Ukrainian forces violating Minsk by use of heavy artillery, by Debalstevo, December 2016 –
  2. Exposing the fake news story of the BBC and ‘gulags’ in the LPR –
  3. Showing how the OSCE really ‘work’ in Donbass-

  4. Exclusive 360 degree reportage (the first of its kind from Donbass), one here from Pervomaisk –
  5. Special reportage about weapons made in the LPR, tested there

    Of course, it’s an information war, as well as war – and I’ve written about that here!

    What comes next? Here you can read about my next full-length film, The Story of Irina Gurtyak.  To speak of films, after that, I’ll complete the edit for film ‘A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays), as well as shooting new material for that.

    And then there’s my upcoming film about the late, amazing Doctor Liza, which will have full English subs. There’s also going to be a lot on MH17, on which I’ve been writing and publishing news videos on, of late! 

    There’s also lots of exciting reportage planned, look out for an announcement on that soon, with a new crowdfunding campaign to come!

    As ever, huge thanks for your support! Graham

A Graham Newsletter (#17) Dr Liza and Tragedy on Christmas, news from Donbass

I had wanted to write this wishing you a Happy Christmas, but the tragic crash of flight Tu-154 meant there was nothing happy about the day. While mourning for drliz4all the 92 victims on board, I was devastated to learn that in their number was Doctor Liza, an incredible lady who had visited Donbass 16 times during war, taking hundreds of, often severely, wounded children to Russia and the medical treatment which, in many cases, saved their lives.

We’d been in touch since early 2015, and in 2016 of this year, I’d had the pleasure of meeting her, spending a day together, the result of which was an interview, an extract of which, I’ll show you below, the text here: There was a girl, who was given a terrible outlook, and Vika (kindly shortening of Victoria), she became well, and was coming up to the guard and would dance – a little swan or some other part, she was making such a show – a child that could not even SIT before, she lay on the arms. So, you see… Everything is possible, Grisha

I’d agreed with Doctor Liza a few days ago to make a documentary film about her in Moscow, in January, was really looking forward to seeing her. It was, and is, shattering news, and hard to think how to go forward without her. A huge loss, one felt particularly acutely in Donbass, where she did so much, helped so many, was a symbol of hope for all.

Thoughts with all those, families, relatives of victims of flight Tu-154, Doctor Liza I knew, and adored, it’s a very tough loss.


Just over a week ago, I visited Pervomaisk, to give you a unique 360-degree tour of an apartment building wrecked by Ukrainian shellling –

My assistant for this reportage, Vera, with English subtitltes –

And here’s how we made that video –

The last week saw me go to the frontlines, with Patrick Lancaster, to bring you some unique reportage. With the eyes of the world elsewhere, here’s how Ukrainian forces were shelling, by Debalstevo –

Here was an interview with a Donbass militia on the frontlines, before battle kicked off –

Here was battle waging on the frontlines –

And here’s modern warfare, a Ukrainian drone flying overhead, as shelling goes on –

The town of Debalstevo itself then came under shelling –

The last few days have seen an attempted ceasefire over the festive period fail to hold, however also a de-escalation from the days before Christmas.

I now leave to Russia for a few days, to film about Doctor Liza, and will return to Donbass in the new year. Here was the recent opening of the Christmas Tree, in Donetsk –

And in 360 degrees –

It’s been devastating news, about flight Tu-154. I wish you all the best for the season, to stay safe, there’ll be another newsletter before the new year.