A Return to Lutugino Children’s Home, LPR, Donbass: Humanitarian Help at Christmas Time

It was fantastic yesterday to return, the orthodox celebration of St Nicholas’ Day, to a place I’ve been many times, Lutugino Children’s Home, in Donbass, LPR. And thanks to donations collected from many parts of Russia – however must also give a special shout-out to Sean Taylor here – really fantastic to be able to take so much stuff for the kids there –

Here, we can see the over 200 children of the children’s home, many coming from difficult backgrounds, including children who’ve lost parents in war in Donbass:

However, yesterday it was wonderful to be a part of bringing some happiness to these children!

Sad to say that this visit came at the time when Ukrainian forces had just unleashed their heaviest shelling in a long time on the LPR, with both Pervomaisk and Stakhanov coming under shelling the night before, with mass damage, at least one fatality, and injuries to civilians.

There are children in Lutugino, there are children in Pervomaisk and Stakhanov – let’s hope in 2018 they can live free of the fear of Ukrainian aggression, and Ukrainian shelling.

Interviews with Donbass Children (English)

Here, my recent interviews with Donbass children, with full English subtitles.

In Gorlovka, Sasha and her sister Nastya, and Liza talk about being wounded by Ukrainian shelling –

Liza is 3, her mother Tanya was killed immediately when Ukrainian forces shelled Gorlovka on July 27th, 2014, she was wounded – 

English subs on this interview, as a mother sends her daughter away from her home in Donetskiy, edge of the Lugansk People’s Republic

English subs on my interview with children just evacuated from the village of Donetskiy, edge of the LPR, due to Ukrainian shelling –

And this, from Donetsk, June 1st, when hundred of lanterns were released to mark children killed in war –

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