Pro-Ukrainian Attitudes Towards Independent, non pro-Ukraine Journalism (aka Death Wishes / Threats)

Last week, we marked the second anniversary of the murder of journalist Oles Buzina, in Kiev.  Although the culprits are widely known, and known as Ukrainian nationalists, because this is Ukraine, there’s been no attempt to bring them to justice.

Moreover, because of the west’s desire to cover up that which happens in Ukraine and doesn’t suit the ‘Ukraine is good, Russia is bad‘ narrative, there’s been little coverage of the Buzina case in western media.

Ukrainians, pro-Ukrainian can usually be found occupying the moral highground, happy to bask in a world much believing all the above rhetoric about Russia, and Ukraine’s poor, put-upon people, only wanting their own land etc etc (the line endlessly pumped out by their government, and oft-repeated in the media).

But what if it’s really not like that at all? I’m an independent journalist, covering the Ukraine situation for over 3 years. And because I haven’t taken the ‘pro-Ukrainian’ side (I’ve reported facts), I’ve become a ‘hate figure’ for many in Ukraine (and I’m officially banned from there, for life, as I understand.)

I accept that sometimes my work can push some boundaries, but, I never go through them, in general always try to be a decent person. And, yet, it took me just a few minutes to assemble these tweets, and comments, sent to me, in English, by ‘pro-Ukrainians’, as they’d call themselves, thousands even (no exaggeration) more in Russian, Ukrainian, of course. Just 10 here, to get started!

So, let’s have a look and see how pro-Ukrainians respond to a journalist whose work they don’t like: 


After anyone is killed, or dies, I will get a swathe of messages from pro-Ukrainians wishing me the same.

So there we have it, pro-Ukrainian attitudes to a journalist they don’t like.

Graham Phillips: People I’ve Interviewed

I very much enjoy doing interviews, and have been fortunate enough to interview many prominent people so far in my career. They include:

Sergey Aksyonov, Prime Minister of Crimea:

Natalya Poklonskaya, then prosecutor General of Crimea: 

Nikolai Azarov, former Prime Minister of Ukraine:

Eugene Roizman mayor of Etakerinburg:

And the list goes on!

Request for Assistance: Translate new Video Reportage about Journalism in Ukraine

I’d love to have this new reportage, about journalism in Ukraine pre and post Euromaidan, in as many languages as possible!

Can you help? Write in the subtitles, add in the comments section here.

Thanks again! Graham

Important New ‘Truth about’ Series… and you can be involved…

Graham Phillips

I’m always looking for ways to get the truth out to as wide an audience as possible. English and Russian cover a lot of the world, but not nearly all. Many people are still coming to the situation in Donbass not knowing much about it at all.

So, after attending a recent LSE propaganda seminar, I made this video, an introduction to Euromaidan, in English:

The format is effective, and can be put into a number of languages. Actually here, I asked your help in doing just that, and have already had several responses. The video is already up in Italian, with much more to come.

So, watch out for much more of that to come, and be sure I’ll be asking for your help, and input, along the way!

Very best, Graham

The Truth Speaker Hits 500,000 Hits

Graham Phillips

screenshot-970I’m pleased today to mark the Truth Speaker reaching 500,000 views, and I thank you for being a part of that!

I registered the site, the Truth Speaker, back in late 2014. I used to keep a blog, address in my own name, and I kept a blog called a ‘Brit in Ukraine‘ for some time, on which I wrote on a range of subjects. However, there was a time to move on, and I wanted to start a site not in my own name, a site which would have its own domain, and identity. I didn’t renew the old domain, and so the Truth Speaker began. The Truth Speaker was set up to – 

  • Bring interesting information to people all over the world
  • Fight propaganda
  • Keep you up to date with what I’m up to

The name the Truth Speaker reflects the simple principle of all my work, here, on YouTube, wherever, the truth. And as for those, actually I recall even from propaganda agency Bellingcat, who’ve said ‘rule of the internet, never trust anything with ‘truth’ in the title’ etc. We can all be a smartass, can’t we, and actually, over 400 articles, over 500,000 views and nothing on the Truth Speaker has ever been revealed to be untrue. So, I think this site started with truth in the name, and has earned that right.

As for where the hits have come from? Well, most of the hits overall are from Russia, and Ukraine, this reflecting the early day of this site, when I would do a lot of posts in Russian.


The Truth Speaker has been viewed in 203 countries in the world, at the other end of the spectrum, I clearly have some work to do to crack the Burundi, or Swaziland, not to mention Malawi markets!

Mid last-year, I moved my Russian posts to Live Journal, and so the Truth Speaker became mainly English, though I’m always keen to have other languages on here. We can see, from the previous 7 day period, most of the views now comes from the USA, and UK, with also room for Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and more –


By the way, the first post here was on January 27th, 2015. And while there have at times been weeks without a post, as I’ve simply not had time, over 400 posts mean more than a post every 2 days.  In recent times, I’ve been posting more here, as I was banned from Facebook, to the point of not being able to use Facebook. So, now, I post on here, and the idea is to keep this a free forum, with open comment and debate, and there have been many hundreds of comments on articles here, reflecting all sides ofthe spectrum. Also, incidentally, over half a dozen languages here, over half a dozen authors, this is a magazine site, not a blog. I’m always open to new contributions!

As for the most popular articles in English, 18+ My 20 Worst Photos from Donbass is the top. Next, it’s my Letter to Great Britain, and Reply from Great Britain, then one on the result of Ukrainain shelling of Donetsk, in early 2015.


Recently, the most popular article
has been the one about Bellingcat fraudster, Eliot Higgins.


I think that about covers it, huge thanks for being with me, and on to a million, we go on!

If you want to support my work, see here. 

Graham Phillips: How to Support My Work

graham-phillips-journalist-1Graham Phillips

My work is 100% crowdfunded. To be involved, you can either make a contribution here:

From my side, if you support my work, I’ll be in contact with you, send you unique souvenirs, give you special mentions in my work, do as much as I can to show my gratitude for your support, which keeps my independent journalism alive.

Huge thanks for being involved in my work! Graham

Graham Phillips: A Quick Biography

This is all about myself, British journalist Graham Phillips