Why I’ve come to Report from Serbia? 10 Reasons.

I spoke here from Trafalgar Square at the start of February, about wanting to go to new places, to bring you unique reportage.

And so it was, I chose Serbia, and have now been reporting here for 10 days already. But, why Serbia? Here’s why –

  1. The current situation in Serbia is fascinating – the country is uniquely poised between the EU, and Russia. Which way it goes has huge implications for the whole world.
  2. The past is fascinating in Serbiadespite some excellent work, there is still much to be known about the NATO bombings of 1999, for example.
  3. There’s a deficit of real reportage from Serbia – the media here is state-controlled, there’s not much real coverages of events here. I know that my work can make a real contribution in gettig the truth out of Serbia.
  4. There’s unexpected, exciting themes to report on – look out for reportage coming up on themes you wouldn’t have expected of Serbia.
  5. As of now, protests continue in Serbia for the 17th day, but that’s something hardly being covered in the media.
  6. There’s connections to Donbass – murals of Motorola, and Givi, men from Serbia who volunteered to fight in Donbass.
  7. Themes connected to Serbia come up in the news all the time….
  8. … and it’s often not clear what the real situation is. For example, Rita Ora’s visit to Kosovo last year, and a general total misrepresentation of that whole situation.
  9. It’s not just Serbia, the whole Balkans are fascinating. Montenegro are joining NATO, there’s Macedonia, Bosia…
  10. For all of these, and more, I believe there’s really important work to be done from Serbia, and it’s very exciting to be reporting from here.