Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Politician Calls for NATO Bases in Donbass

Andriy Parubiy1Ahead of Ukraine president Poroshenko’s visit to Washington, in which security issues will be discussed, senior Ukrainian politician, chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, Andriy Parubiy (pictured) has written on Twitter, calling for NATO bases there ‘once Ukraine regain control’ of the DPR and LPR, in the republics, as a ‘guarantee for the safety of Ukrainian citizens’.

It’s the most overt statement of intention made yet, on an official level, of how far Ukraine wants to go with NATO.

Andriy Parubiy, by the way, is the co-founder of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Svoboda party, as I have written here –

A Graham Newsletter #29 – Serbia, Back in Donbass, and More

I’ve written a lot here on the Truth Speaker about my recent, fascinating trip to Serbia. I’ve not even released most of the reportage filmed there, as it was a documentary project about NATO’s campaign there in 1999.

However, I’m working on that now, with journalists Katerina and Dmitry Lane, and looking forward to releasing it soon. This will be the first documentary series of its kind looking at what is still a ‘war’ about which so many details are still unknown to a western audience.

It’s a very exciting project, with the potential to really bring a lot of new information to the world, and re-evalaute how that entire situation is viewed. And the way that the NATO 1999 situation is generally perceived, has sadly perpetuated many such situations since…

Speaking of conflict, and war, but not only that…

I’ve been back in Donbass for around 3 weeks now, and it’s been a hugely eventful time, have a look over that here –

In my reportage in Donbass, I always aim to show the real, and full picture. That means going to places like the DPR frontier village of Kominternovo, to capture Ukrainian shelling as it hit –

It also means covering events like this, a youth football tournament in Donetsk – 

This school graduation in Lugansk – 

And it means covering everything exactly as it is, showing you the facts, as they are. 

And when there’s fake news, which there often is, taking issue with that –

It’s really great to be back in Donbass, I’m really in the mood to do a lot here, at this hugely important time. So, be sure you are following me for updates from the ground, be sure I’m always very happy to hear from you, and always so grateful for your support – that’s what makes everything possible! 

In Memory of Militsa Rakich – 3-Year Old Victim of NATO Bombing

Recently, as you may know, I spent 3 weeks in Serbia filming reportage. Most of that is as-yet unreleased, and will be to come. There will be a series of reportage on NATO’s campaign against Serbia, then Yugoslovia, in 1999, in which over 2000 civilians, including 88 children, were killed, by NATO bombing. 

Before leaving Serbia, I went to pay respects at the grave of Militsa Rakich, a 3-year-old girl, killed in her own home, by Belgrade, when NATO dropped a (forbidden) cluster bomb, on April 17th, 1999.

There will be documentary reportage to come on Militsa, actually the first interview with her father for many years.


Kosovo Politician Threatens to Take 1/3 of Serbia, Meanwhile US Sends More Troops to Kosovo

Ramush Haradinaj, leader of the opposition Alliance for the Future of Kosovosays Serbia should “delete Kosovo from the Constitution”, otherwise Kosovo will “reciprocally add one third of the Serb land to its map.”

Serbia maintains Kosovo in its national constitution, as it does not recognise the state created after the 78-day NATO bombing campaign against Serbia, then Yugoslavia, of 1999, of which the creation of Kosovo was the result. Kosovo is only recognised by 111 of 193 UN member states. 

NATO, and the US Army maintain a massive military presence in Kosovo, notably Camp Bondsteel – pictured.

Meanwhile, the US is preparing to send another 130 soldiers to Kosovo.About 130 soldiers of the Tupelo-based 1st Battalion, 185th Aviation Regiment are deploying for about 10 months in support of Operation Joint Guardian.

Officials say the troops will travel to Fort Hood, Texas on Sunday for eventual service in Kosovo. While there, the unit will complete required post mobilization training for duty in Kosovo….” 

Serbia: On NATO, and not

I’ve been in Serbia for almost 3 weeks now, and have recently released the introduction to the series of reportage on NATO in 1999 I’ll be doing:

This is something hardly known about in the western world, something which needs to be covered, and I will be covering that in detail. However, there’s another side to Serbia too – this is a fantastic country to visit as a tourist! Really friendly, welcoming, beautiful!

And I’d like to cover that too –

And on we go!

The Shock of Reporting from Serbia

Sadly, I’ve filmed many times from Donbass when people’s home have been hit by shelling, people killed. And that’s brought information to people, that’s news.

But can you believe that I’m here in Serbia, filming the result of NATO actions here 18 years ago – and it’s still news! People don’t know about this, it wasn’t in our media. Yesterday, I filmed about Militsa Rakich, 3-year-old victim of a NATO cluster bomb, and what do you get when you google her?

Almost nothing – actually the top results are the tweets I posted yesterday! And yesterday, here in Serbia, I filmed an interview with the father of 3-year-old Militsa Rakich, by Belgrade. She was in the bathroom, when, on the 17th April 1999, her home was struck by a (forbidden) NATO cluster bomb. She was wounded in the head, and died in her own home.

All of this reportage will be coming up, in English. And shocking as it is – it’s still news.

Why I’ve come to Report from Serbia? 10 Reasons.

I spoke here from Trafalgar Square at the start of February, about wanting to go to new places, to bring you unique reportage.

And so it was, I chose Serbia, and have now been reporting here for 10 days already. But, why Serbia? Here’s why –

  1. The current situation in Serbia is fascinating – the country is uniquely poised between the EU, and Russia. Which way it goes has huge implications for the whole world.
  2. The past is fascinating in Serbiadespite some excellent work, there is still much to be known about the NATO bombings of 1999, for example.
  3. There’s a deficit of real reportage from Serbia – the media here is state-controlled, there’s not much real coverages of events here. I know that my work can make a real contribution in gettig the truth out of Serbia.
  4. There’s unexpected, exciting themes to report on – look out for reportage coming up on themes you wouldn’t have expected of Serbia.
  5. As of now, protests continue in Serbia for the 17th day, but that’s something hardly being covered in the media.
  6. There’s connections to Donbass – murals of Motorola, and Givi, men from Serbia who volunteered to fight in Donbass.
  7. Themes connected to Serbia come up in the news all the time….
  8. … and it’s often not clear what the real situation is. For example, Rita Ora’s visit to Kosovo last year, and a general total misrepresentation of that whole situation.
  9. It’s not just Serbia, the whole Balkans are fascinating. Montenegro are joining NATO, there’s Macedonia, Bosia…
  10. For all of these, and more, I believe there’s really important work to be done from Serbia, and it’s very exciting to be reporting from here.