A Graham Newsletter (#10) Finished Filming ‘A Brit in Crimea’ and on!

This is the first newsletter for a little while and it’s been, with the last few weeks being intense in quite a few ways. Intense hard work, but intensely enjoyable too, the latter being as a holiday should be. And I’m really delighted to say that in a packed week, we did all the filming for the crowdfunded film ‘A Brit in Crimea – On his Holidays‘ – a sampling of photos of that, here – 
1Crim3 Screenshot (360) 1Crim7 1holssevasles1

There’s still an opportunity to be involved in the crowdfunding btw –


LesWell, the holiday was indeed a holiday – for Britisn holidaymaker Les Scott. And, for Patrick Lancaster and myself also, albeit one with the constant need to keep batteries charged, filming, files copied from cards and on. Actually I’d like to give a huge thanks to Patrick Lancaster for rolling up in Rostov to meet up with me, then coming along for what turned out to be quite a ride.

Screenshot (368)Les is now safely back in Scotland, Patrick in Donbass – doing great work at this difficult time, and well worth a follow – here. I’ve now got 150+ hours of, what is great footage, to make into a film.

The point of this film was to show if Crimea, once a world-famous tourist destination, can still be a tourist destination in the face of the western media’s insistence that Crimea is some sort of theatre of war.

It was to make a film which cuts through all the propaganda, to get to the truth of 1Crim6things as they really are. I know with the material we’ve filmed, we’ve done exactly that – many interviews with many people representing a spectrum of Crimean opinions – locals, Russians, Ukrainians, tourists, Crimean Tatars, we spoke with them all, as well as doing, and filming, all the things which one would do on a holiday.

It was an amazing experience, and my challenge is now, with Oleg Somov which whom I’ve already made 2 films – Aramis here with English subtitles – to turn this into a film worthy of its subject, source, material, and your support and belief!

It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m sure we can make a film which will reach a wide audience and make its own contribution in breaking through the information blockade, or even downright disinformation, about Crimea.

The process of putting the film together will begin when I return to Donbass next week. For now, I’m still in Crimea, filming reportage here. I’ve filmed extensive reportage about a frozen themepark, on safari in Taigan, and a fascinating interview with Crimean Prosecutor-in-Chief Natalya Poklonskaya. A few photos of all of that here –

Screenshot (372) Screenshot (381) Screenshot (393) Screenshot (396)

With the help of volunteers, I’ll be adding English subtitles to these as soon as possible!

I’ve also been very pleased to see a recent video reportage I made in Germany pass 200,000 views – showing the truth can get through to a wider audience, and it can do so only with your help!

Thanks again for being with me, and look out for more soon! Graham