General Election in the UK: My Statement on actions regarding that

Theresa May has just called a snap election for June 8th, of this year. 

As you know, I love reporting from the UK, however I’m committed to working in Serbia for now, then Donbass, and Crimea, in this time, and I will fulfill those commitments.

In the past, I’ve supported – and openly – certain politics, or political parties in the UK, for example, I voted UKIP at the 2015 General Election, and was more than open about that, as I believed that we needed a referendum on EU membership.

Before that,  I’d generally inclined towards the Conservative Party. However, the actions of the Conservative Party in respect of Donbass, and not only, mean that I cannot, and do not support them now.

I support the best possible government for the UK, which will deliver, for the country I love, good relationships with Europe, Russia, and the world, and make Great Britain a country which does good in the world.

Updates (#3) I’m not in UKIP anymore…

Graham Phillips

Last year, before the 2015 UK General election, I publicly announced I’d joined
the party UKIP. I always believe in being completely open about everything.

I wanted to not only vote for UKIP, but show more support for them, send out an EU Referendumemphatic signal that I support a referendum in the United Kingdom on EU membership.

Mission accomplished. In no small part due to UKIP pressure, there will be a referendum in the UK on June 23rd on EU membership.

I’ll be covering this as a correspondent, so it’s no longer appropriate for me to be a member of a political party (even in this case, I was never an active member). I’ve not renewed my UKIP membership.

I put personal politics aside to cover this referendum objectively.