The Murder of Barry Pring – an Inquest, a Result, and On…

Graham Phillips

I started work on the case of the murder of Barry Pring when I lived in Kiev, back in 2012. I worked on it at the end of 2012, start of 2013, and issued a book at the start of 2013, which culminated in a full investigation into the case of Barry Pring, my having uncovered irrefutable evidence of the guilt of his Ukrainian wife, Anna Ziuzina.

The book was immediately withdrawn from sale after a writ from Anna Ziuzina’s lawyers claiming libel. However, I expanded the  50-page report on Barry Pring’s barrymurder to 58 pages, submitted it to the police, and the coroner’s office in Exeter. This helped push proceedings from a situation where in 2012 an inquest had seemed unlikely due to lack of evidence, to 2017 where, on January 24th, an inquest took place in Exeter, Devon.

That inquest delivered a verdict of unlawful death, and more, the coroner, Dr Elizabeth Earland, stated that Barry had been ‘tricked’ into standing by the side of the road, on which an oncoming car hit him, at high speed, killing him instantly, on February 16th. The only person who could have tricked Barry, was the person who put him there, his wife, Anna Ziuzina. Dr Earland cited my work stripper2in particular in her closing remarks.

The case has now received mass media attention throughout the world. I am continuing work on this, and working to make a documentary about it, and will also be revisiting my book. I’ll be releasing a longer, improved section prior to the investigation into the murder under the title ‘My life in Ukraine, before the war‘, and an updated, improved account of the Barry Pring murder under the title ‘The Murder of Barry Pring‘.