My UK Reportage: A Wrap-up!

As  prepare to leave – it’s been an enormously busy last 2 months in the UK, working on the edits of documentary projects, dozens of articles here on the Truth Speaker, and video reportage. There will be one more report to come from the UK, part 2 of this special reportage on the recent terrorist attack in London –

To recap, here was January when I visited the UK parliament to ask at a UK/Ukraine event if they would be mentioning Ukrainian shelling civilian areas of Donbass:

The introduction to my documentary about the murder of Barry Pring

My coverage of the anti-Trump protests in London at the start of February – 

A few days later, and I try to go to a Ukrainian event in London –

And here, I succeed in getting into a Ukrainian propaganda event at the LSE! 

The end of February here, and I visit the Ukrainain Embassy in London – 

March, and a look at what Women’s Day means in London!

Then, my day as a DPR tourist in London!

Masses of reportage from the March for Europe on March 25th –

And even a trip to Scotland to bring you the reality there of how people feel about a proposed new referendum!

It’s overall achieved hundreds of thousands of views, on my channel alone, coverage in mass media – and much more! I’m a completely crowdfunded journalist, and none of this would have been possible without your support. To be involved, click here!

Thanks again, and on we go!!


A Graham Newsletter (#24) Women’s Day, Surprise Locations, To-Do List, Reviews, and More…

Before starting on the newsletter, things are heating up in Donbass, be sure you’re following Patrick Lancaster here for developments. 

Naturally, I hope all the ladies reading this had a fabulous Women’s Day! I was delighted to film 2 reportages on the theme. Here, Women’s Day and what it means in the UK –

And here, the Women’s Day demonstration by organisation WASPI, representing women born in the 1950s, affected by change in pension legislation meaning many of them must work on for years –

And, on a video note, it feels like time to record a new introduction for my YouTube channel, this was now 3 years ago now, can you believe…

Of course, there’s lots of exciting new reportage coming up soon, and to have a recap of what’s been recently.

The Truth Speaker broke the curious case of the 2 Ukrainian men in the UK trying to avoid the draft in Ukraine. 

Also, there’s a new review section here on the Truth Speaker, and the first review here, on film ‘Dreams of a Life’, if you’d like to write a review on something for me, and be published here, send an email to me at:

I’m leaving London soon to return to report in Donbass, via Serbia, Russia, and actually some surprise destinations on, and perhaps even not, on the way. And before leaving London, there’s a checklist of things to do, which will be starting soon. Read all about that here. 

Meanwhile, my last crowdfunder finished a bit under, however I’ll find a way to continue to bring you all the reportage I can, and you can always support my work here.  And of course a massive thanks to all of those of you who do support my work!

33 фото Замечательных Женщин Новороссии / 33 Photos of the Wonderful Ladies of Novorossiya

Katya – Humanitarian Aid Volunteer, Lugansk area, September 2014 / Катя – Гуманитарная помощь волонтер, Луганской области, Сентябрь 2014 


Natasha, victim of Ukrainian shelling, Donetsk, January 2015 / Наташа, жертвой украинской обстрела, Донецк, Январь 2015


Donetsk Flower Sellers – November 2014 / Донецк Цветочные Продавцы – Ноябрь 2014 

Mariana Naumova – the strongest girl in the world, a supporter of Novorossiya / Марьяна Наумова – самая сильная девушка в мире – сторонник Новороссии


Oksana, nurse, Donetsk, December 2014 / Оксана, медсестра, Донецк, Декабрь 2014 


Katya of the Novorossiya Battalion, Donetsk, October 2014 / Катя из Новороссийского Батальона, Донецк, Октябрь 2014 


Oksana, manager of home for refugees, Donetsk, October 2014 / Оксана, менеджер дома для беженцев, Донецк, Октябрь 2014


Girls in Lugansk, March 2014 / Девушки в Луганске, Март 2014 


Women in Lugansk, March 2014 / Женщины в Луганске, Март 2014


Enakievo Poultry Farm, February 2015 / Енакиево птицефабрика, Февраль 2015

women6 women7

Luba, member of Novorossiya forces – February 2014 / Люба – Ополчение – Февраль 2014


Люба – Жертва Украинского Обстрела, Января 2014 / Luba – Victim of Ukrainian Shelling – January 2014


Donetsk – Defender of the Fatherland Day, February 23rd, 2015 / Донецк – День Защитника Отечества, 23 февраля 2015 /


Masha, member of Novorossiya forces – February 2015 / Маша – Ополчение – Февраль 2015


Одесса, Март 2014 / Odessa, March 2014


Natasha, Stakhanov, September 2014 / Наташа, Стаханов, Cентябрь 2014


Nikolaev, November 2013 / Николаев, Ноябрь 2013 


Anna, Stakhanov, September 2014 / Аня, Стаханов, Cентябрь 2014


Sova, war correspondent in Novorossiya – Donetsk, November 2014 / Сова, военный корреспондент в Новороссии – Донецк, Ноябрь 2014


Patriots of Novorossiya Organisation – Donetsk, October 2014 / Патриоты Новороссийского Организации – Донецк – Октябрь 2014


Donetsk National University, 2014 / Донецкий Национальный Университет – Ноябрь 2014


Svetlana, admin worker, Lugansk, September 2014 / Светлана, Администратор, Луганск, Сентябрь 2014 /


Nastya, press centre assistant, Stakhanov, September 2014 / Настя, пресс-центр сотрудника, Стаханов, Сентябрь 2014


Ira, Dnipropetrovsk, 2012 / Ира, Днепропетровск, 2012


Girls, and a guy, in Kharkov, March 2014 / Девочки, и парень, Харьков, Март 2014


Дамы в Луганской День Города, Сентябрь 2014 / Ladies at Lugansk City Day, September 2014

women20 women21

Оля – Одесса, Март 2014 / Olya – Odessa, March 2014


Ina, doctor in Donetsk, December 2014 / Инна, врач в Донецке, декабрь 2014


Ludmila, teacher in Lugansk, September 2014 / Людмила, учительница в Луганске, Сентябрь 2014


Lilya, victim of Ukrainian shelling, Donetsk, January 2015 / Лиля, жертвой украинской обстрела, Донецк, Январь 2015 

Girls in Mariupol, May 2014 / Девушки в Мариуполе, Май 2014


Happy Women’s Day!!

Поздравления с днем женщине!!